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HelplineAfter receiving the following letter from Justin, I immediately invited all Certified Facilitators to specifically be available for all the people whom Justin and many of us care about so deeply. Certified Facilitators, please go to the Helpline and volunteer your time to […]

Thought Thursday: Health, Sickness, and Death

Byron Katie on Health, Sickness, and Death


A lover of what is looks forward to everything: life, death, disease, loss. earthquakes, bombs, anything the mind might be tempted to call “bad.” Life will bring us everything we need, to show us what we haven’t undone yet. […]

Video: Identity Theft and Kindness

A woman distraught that her identity has been stolen questions the thought “The thief is unkind to me.” Byron Katie guides her through inquiry to see how this thought affects many aspects of her well-being. When considering a turnaround to her original thought, the woman […]

Video: Needy Parents, Window Jumpers, ADHD, and Screaming Tantrums

Susan Stiffelman and Byron Katie appear together in a follow-up session to address any questions people had about the previous three sessions. The previous sessions; session 1, session 2, session 3.

They also announce the decision to continue the webcasts in response to enthusiastic feedback from […]

Since the past is…

That is the clutter that overrides wisdom.


Byron Katie is now an honorary board member for a local, Santa Barbara Non-Profit organization called AHA!.

AHA! serves teens and families year-round with after-school programs in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria, a summer program in Santa Barbara, and in-school programs in Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, and Goleta.

Their aim is […]

Thought Thursday: Self-Realization

Byron Katie on Self-Realization


When someone is facilitating The Work, giving the four questions, he’s receiving at another level what I originally received inside me. If he’s really facilitating from a neutral position, without any motive, then he’s in the place where I am in the […]

Event: 17 June 2015

Conversations with Byron Katie on Relationships
The topic of this webcast is “Relationships.” It is Katie’s heart’s desire for everyone to experience The Work and create a more peaceful world, inside and outside.


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Video: Socks, Ex Husbands, Fears, and Screaming Little Girls—The Work on Parenting

In this third and final session of The Work on Parenting, Susan Stiffelman and Byron Katie begin with a conversation about specifics like chores and rants about our children: “They don’t listen to me; they’re so ungrateful; how can they live in such a pig […]

There is Nothing…

There is nothing so dark that we cannot put it on paper, question it, and set ourselves free.

Thought Thursday: Work and Money

Byron Katie on Work and Money

My son lost a really big record contract, and he called me and said, “Mom, I’m so excited. I lost a wonderful contract, and I’m so excited to see what’s going to come that’s better than that!” — Byron Katie


What […]

Thought Thursday

On Parents and Children:


Your family is an echo of your own past beliefs – Byron Katie


From the book, Question Your Thinking, Change the World


What are your thoughts?


Video: The Work on Parenting—Trash, Working-Mother Guilt, and Bedtime Crashers

Susan Stiffelman and Byron Katie appear together in the second of three sessions of The Work on Parenting. “In these webcasts,” Susan explains, “we discover how we can use The Work to step into a place with our children that is not fueled by our […]