Luke Storey of the “Life Stylist” podcast interviews Byron Katie

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Luke begins: “Katie, it’s clear that you don’t need me to promote your work; I’m small relative to the millions of people you’ve reached. But something I’ve noticed about you over the years is that you just tirelessly, happily, and joyfully keep sharing this information with people. It’s so neat to see someone who does it for the love. I mean, The Work is free on your website! I know you have conferences and things to keep the lights on and go deeper, but I really dig that passion.

“Now, there are stories of instant enlightenment like you and Eckhart Tolle, but I know that when people ask you if you’re enlightened you’ve said, ‘I don’t know anything about that. I’m just someone who knows the difference between what hurts and what doesn’t.'”

“For me,” Katie says, “no suffering is as good as it gets. That’s about as enlightened as I want to be. If you don’t love the mind after you’ve outgrown suffering, what’s left?”

“When you were in that dark place in your life, how much of that was at the hands of drugs and alcohol?”

“A lot of it, along with compulsive overeating. All of these were simply ways of trying to ease the pain and put myself to sleep,” Katie says.

“Do you think at that point you were clinically alcoholic or were you someone who just abused a little bit?”

“I saw that I was addicted to what I was thinking and believing. It became so painful to live out of the confusion in my head that it took me to sanity.”

“Once you had that experience, was there ever any desire to overeat, self-medicate, or drink?”

“It all ceased to be a problem, because I was making decisions out of a sane mind. When we’re sane, the choices are so clear, but when we’re believing thoughts that argue against our true nature, we suffer.

Sanity doesn’t suffer, ever. —Byron Katie


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Event: LIVE at Home with Byron Katie 7 February 2019

Join Byron Katie for two hours of inquiry using The Work, four simple questions that bring relief from confusion and suffering. Experience the clarity of understanding thoughts that have been troubling you for years. Leave this workshop with everything you need to do The Work on your own.


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Podcast: How to be Awake to the Dream


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Byron Katie discusses the innate power of The Work with Achim Fassbender of SimplYoga, Houston.

“How are you doing with inquiry?” Katie asks.

“I don’t know what holds me back from really going in to do my Work on abandonment by my father,” Achim says. “Maybe a lack of courage. I’m being protective of that wounded place.”

“When you say you have a ‘lack of courage,'” Katie says, “you’re speaking for the ego. The ego’s life is threatened every time you go into the unknown by questioning your thoughts. It’s the ego’s fear of discovery. We’re talking about identity, the identity of the ego that you see as you, the false self. There’s nothing to lose but the loss of identity. But be gentle with your ego along the way. I don’t do war with the ego. Love is the power. The question ‘Is it true?’ invites you to revelation. Just get still and wait, and expect nothing.”

“I can hit a wall after the revelation,” Achim says. “I don’t know what to do with it.”

“I nurture the revelation,” Katie says. “I don’t take it for granted. I support and honor it. It’s a gift. So what’s next? Just awareness. Be aware of what was revealed to you. Just be with it.”

“It seems that the mind always wants more. For the ego, it’s not good enough until there is some complete resolution.”

“There’s only one complete resolution,” Katie says, “and that is prior to mind/ego. It’s non-duality. We could call it original mind. There’s no opposition to it. It’s music. It’s just living in that revelation you described and having breaks from it if there are other lessons to learn.”

“So is The Work a means to bring us out of the duality, the world of the dreamer?”

“What’s left after ego?”

“Awareness? But that’s what I’ve learned. I haven’t really experienced it. Is awareness experienceable in a way that I will notice? Or will I just become a drop in the ocean, indistinguishable from all the other drops?”

“You just described your life now,” Katie says. “It’s better than that. Physically it could look like tears. I’d call it pure devotion. The need of no other thing. It’s beyond ego. There are not two. It’s completely delighted. It needs no other. It’s creating everything. But that everything is nothing. It’s not capable of sending out anything that is not equal to devotion. It is devotion itself.”

“This is the first time I’m hearing this,” Achim says. “It’s a whole new perspective for me. In the book, you explain that you had to relearn names, relationships, and pretty much everything. But relearning didn’t effect you so that you would slip back into the dream world. Yet you are capable of seeing it from the other side.”

“You could say, I’m simply awake to the dream,” Katie says, “so I see nothing. I love. And there are no consequences. There’s no denial in it. It’s everything.”

If it’s really the truth you’re looking for, trust the questions; they absolutely know where to go. Requirement: patience. —Byron Katie


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Podcast: How to Have an Intimate Relationship

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A husband feels that his privacy is being violated when he finds his wife looking through his texts. During a live event with Byron Katie, his wife reads each of The Work’s four questions to him and waits for his answers.
“‘I’m violating your privacy’—is it true?” says the wife. He pauses to consider the question.
Speaking to the audience, Katie says, “Don’t think the answer is supposed to be no. This is a journey. We’re noticing what arises as we meditate on the situation. And the answer to questions one and two is either yes or no. You started the Worksheet with a yes. If you aren’t seeing anything different in your mind’s eye, you’re still at a yes. So you don’t have to torture yourselves by looking for a no. Be open to ‘no,’ but if you can’t decide, it’s still ‘yes.’ She’s not asking, ‘Is it true? And don’t hurt my feelings.’(To the wife) So, sweetheart, let’s continue. And whatever his answer is, take it in fully and respond with ‘Thank you.'”
“Can you absolutely know that it’s true that I violated your privacy?” says the wife.
“Yes,” he says.
“Thank you. How do you react, what happens, when you believe the thought, I violated your privacy?”
“I get defensive,” he says. “I try to prove that I’m as open and enlightened as you are by just allowing it to happen. I become very judgmental and fearful of what it portends for our relationship.”
“Thank you. So who would you be, in that same situation, without the thought ‘I violated your privacy?'”
“I would be calm, happy, and better able to see you clearly. I’d be able to communicate more openly and honestly.”
“Thank you. ‘I violated your privacy.’ Turn it around.”
“I violated your privacy.” He pauses. “I can see that by believing you are violating my privacy, it taints my opinion of you and therefore I’m not as present as I’d like to be in our lives together.”
“Thank you. Can you find another example?”
“Probably(laughing). It makes me suspicious of you, so I want to check your phone (laughing), because if that’s the level of trust you have for me, then maybe there’s something going on with you.”
“Thank you. Can you find another example in that situation?”
Katie says to the audience, “Notice how she doesn’t defend, and she’s giving him plenty of time. He’s able to empty himself to her. This is conflict resolution. It’s a beautiful thing to experience and witness. It means that for all the days of your life, you can say anything to each other, and have an incredibly intimate relationship. And if there are times when you’re not ready for it, just say ‘Not now.’ It takes a lot of courage to stand with such integrity before the one you love.”
What you’re believing is the cause of all the hurt and anger you will ever experience. —Byron Katie
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Testimonial Video and Upcoming Events

The No-Body Intensive with Byron Katie testimonial video

A woman at a No-Body Intensive asks, “How did we get so screwed up? No one is happy with what they have.” Byron Katie answers, “Well, you became a believer…” She goes on to explain the implications of being a believer.

We can question what we came to believe, and as a result we can undo this world. What we’re left with is a world that makes perfect sense. —Byron Katie


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Podcast: The Morning Walk: An Invitation to Freedom


Byron Katie invites you to this walk, here with your eyes closed, or as you walk in the world. It’s a silent meditation. It’s about noticing. “It’s so lovely to just walk and not know,” Katie says, “and let the world tell you what it is rather than you telling each object. Just listen, be still, and let everything name itself, or not. Just notice and be free in that, as though nothing has ever been named. Someone called it “tree,” and you really think it’s a tree. But what if you just got still, noticed, and let it tell you? I invite you to that don’t-know mind in your morning walk.” The morning walk is a core element of Byron Katie’s School for The Work. The School is an immersion in freedom. For more about the School, visit

I’m Upset with Supporters of this Administration—The Work of Byron Katie

I’m Upset with Supporters of this Administration

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A man at the 6 September LIVE—At Home with Byron Katie event reads his stressful thought to Byron Katie and the audience. “I am angry and disgusted with those who support the current administration.” This thought usually occurs to him when he’s reading an article or some comments on Facebook. Katie brings him back to the moment when he is reading. “How do you react, what happens, when you believe that thought, and you’re reading an Op-Ed?”


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Event: LIVE at Home with Byron Katie 8 November 2018

What if your life became more joyful? What if you could live fearlessly? What if you had a way to unravel the thoughts that cause all your suffering?

Join Byron Katie for two hours of inquiry using The Work, four simple questions that bring relief from confusion and suffering. Experience the clarity of understanding thoughts that have been troubling you for years. Leave this workshop with everything you need to do The Work on your own.

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