The Work in Latvia

Dearest Katie,

The first web event in Riga, Latvia, happened on Feb. 28th. This is the start of Riga’s The Work Center and preparation for the workshop in May. Margarita Liepina is the coordinator and the organizer (in the picture).

With gratitude and much love,

Dr. Bella Kit


The Fourth Question

When I was about 20 years old, I felt myself being pulled to your book. I brought it with me on my holiday to Turkey, and when I read about the 4th question—”Who would you be without that thought?” —something exploded in my mind. I […]

The Ultimate…

Feel the stillness? More peace.

Thought Thursday

on Self- Realization:

You don’t experience anxiety unless you’ve attached to a thought that isn’t true for you. It’s that simple. You don’t ever feel anxiety until you believe that a thought is true—and it’s not. Byron Katie


From the book, Question Your Thinking, Change the World


What […]

The Work in Business, Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out

Dear Katie,

I am sending a link to an article I wrote recently about facilitating The Work with business leaders.

It has been a privilege to facilitate The Work in business and leadership development for the past eight years or so and see my clients enlighten […]

The Work Down Under

Dearest Katie,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us yesterday at The Work Down Under Intensive. It was such a gift and came as a complete surprise to the participants. They were thrilled :) It was perfect.

We so appreciate your generosity in […]

Photos from the March 2015 School for The Work

Thank You for The Work

I listen to BK now daily. I’ve been to therapy for years, after which I have studied on my own to help myself break the cycles of depression I find myself in. No one, in all my studies of 50 years, has “broken it down” […]

Photos from Santa Barbara Event

Answers to an Interviewer

What does love mean?
Peace of mind. Connectedness.

How do you start your morning?
Amazed and then grateful for the beauty and miracle of life as it unfolds in the moment.

Who or what on the earth is inspiring you?
Gratitude that comes from the energy received in giving.

What makes […]

Thought Thursday

On Health, Sickness, and Death


Awareness is so much more exciting than a body – Byron Katie


From the book, Question Your Thinking, Change the World


What are your thoughts?

The Work on Parenting

Want to talk with me during the live Parenting webcast—Wednesday, 13, 20, and 27 May at 10 a.m. PDT? Send questions: xoxo bk

Thought Thursday

On Love, Sex, and Relationships


You can’t love anyone; you only love your story about them – Byron Katie


From the book, Question Your Thinking, Change the World


What are your thoughts?


Testimonial Tuesday

Kind of a cool turnaround. My original thought was “EK, plays video games too much.” He’s 13 now and and the situation is his report card coming in and his grades being off and putting off doing his homework and resisting his mother and seeing […]