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Dear Katie, Thank you. What a beautiful gift to bring The Work to TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors). Thom Herman and I offered The Work to the families and loved ones who had someone die in war or by suicide, at The 20th Annual…

Letter: From a Certified Facilitator of The Work

Dear Katie, I haven’t fully understood the concept of “to apologize” yet. There is a conflict for me between wanting to apologize and then, when the other person says “I accept your apology” or “I forgive you,” I feel like “Now it looks as if…

Letter: About Apologizing



Here is another excerpt from the Diamond Sutra, with my commentary: Chapter 4 The Buddha said, “Furthermore, Subhuti, when bodhisattvas act generously, they should not attach to the concept that they are acting generously. This is called ‘acting generously while not attaching to form’ and…

Diamond Sutra



Byron Katie does The Work with a woman judging her own decisions, then discusses cause and effect with a woman who asks questions about the care of the body. Next, a man from California asks, “What if the UCSB shooter had a chance to do inquiry on the thoughts that led him to kill?” Katie says, “Every time we question the thoughts that are the cause of anger and separation, we become kinder human beings.” The last caller does The Work with Katie on his fear of a lonely abyss beyond our ordinary life.

Video: Conversations with Byron Katie

A daughter believes that her mother will get sick and possibly die if she doesn’t become more active. By questioning this thought, the daughter begins to take responsibility for herself, and realizes that this is how she can have a happy relationship with her mother.

Video: My Mother Should Take More Responsibility for her Health

Chapter 3 The Buddha said, “All bodhisattvas who are sincerely seeking the truth should control their minds by focusing on one thought only: ‘When I attain enlightenment, I will liberate all sentient beings in every realm of the universe, and allow them to pass into…

Diamond Sutra