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WEBCAST      17 December   livewithbyronkatie.com LOS ANGELES 29 Dec.–1 Jan.   New Year’s Mental Cleanse     2–5 Jan.   Institute for The Work Convention HOUSTON 29 January   Unity Church–Houston MIAMI 31 January   Unity on the Bay SANTA BARBARA 9 February   Santa Barbara City College SAN FRANCISCO 26 Feb.–1 Mar.   Wisdom 2.0 Conference OJAI 8–17 March   Ojai Valley […]

Byron Katie’s Solution to Your Turmoil—Work It!

“I didn’t quit drinking; I did “The Work,” and drinking, drugs, compulsive eating, smoking, anger, depression, sorrow, fear, all quit me. In my experience, the ultimate addiction is the mind’s addiction to what it is believing—the unquestioned thoughts that create and safeguard its system of denial. To question the mind is to bring the mind […]