I’m not grateful…

I’m not grateful for this or that. I’m grateful -Byron Katie

2014 Summer Camp for The Work: Questions for Katie

Background: We told the kids a little bit about you today, including the story about a man with a gun threatening to kill you. Some of their questions reflect their curiosity about that story.

What is your religion? (Elijah)

Describe The Work in one word. (Cynthia)

How did […]

Photos from the June 2015 No-Body Intensive

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Feedback from the South Carolina Grief Project

Dear Katie,

On the Helpline we were invited to provide feedback on our experience of offering support for the South Carolina project. In the early morning (Australian time) of 19 June I received a call from a woman who had a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet on racism. She […]

South Carolina Grief Project

Dearest lovely Byron Katie,

My name is Justin H. and I am a 26-year-old South Carolinian living abroad, currently in Mallorca, Spain teaching English. I am writing to you now in what I would call a “completely out of character” way, but after reading this morning´s […]

Video Interview: Parenting and The End of Blame

Nicole Telfer of http://www.empoweredkids.co.uk interviews Byron Katie on parenting:

Q: Can you help us understand what lies beneath those emotional triggers? Why are kids so good at pushing our buttons?

Katie: If I see them the way they are, then we’re connected. If I see the old […]

Loving What Is is Published in Arabic

A new translation of Loving What Is into Arabic has been published by Lulua Publishing. Here is a photo taken in their Dubai office—Intisar al-Sabah, the publisher, is on the left, with Zeina Bitar, the editor-in-chief.

Upcoming Events with Byron Katie

3-5 July 2015 – Omega Institute

9 July 2015 – EUROPEAN TOUR: Amsterdam, Netherlands

10-15 July 2015 – EUROPEAN TOUR: Engelberg, Switzerland […]

Thought Thursday: On Work and Money

The next time you give your children money, realize that the receiving is in the giving. There’s nothing more to receive than that. If you touch it again, it’s hot! The receiving is in the moment you give it. That’s all you get. It’s over. […]

Video: Introduction to The Work of Byron Katie—He Owes Me

He hasn’t paid child-support in six and a half years. Is it true? Watch as a wife and mother finds that she has the perfect husband and father of her children, if only her mind wouldn’t tell her otherwise. Her story is our story. Her […]

Thought Thursday: On Self-Realization

Only in this moment (which doesn’t exist) are you in reality. Everyone can learn to live in the moment, as the moment, to love what is in front of you, to live it as you. The miracle of love comes to you in presence of […]

No one can…

Have you tested this?

South Carolina Grief Project

Do The Work
HelplineAfter receiving the following letter from Justin, I immediately invited all Certified Facilitators to specifically be available for all the people whom Justin and many of us care about so deeply. Certified Facilitators, please go to the Helpline and volunteer your time to […]

Thought Thursday: Health, Sickness, and Death

Byron Katie on Health, Sickness, and Death


A lover of what is looks forward to everything: life, death, disease, loss, earthquakes, bombs, anything the mind might be tempted to call “bad.” Life will bring us everything we need, to show us what we haven’t undone yet. […]