Back to Reality

Anytime you feel lonely, notice—just notice—and ask yourself, “Mentally, whose business am I in?”

Notice how this awareness can bring you back to the present, back to reality, where you really are, in this moment of grace where life makes sense right here, right now.

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  1. I used to go to Katie’s workshop in the late nineties. Week-ends and day meetings were free, one just gave a donation which, I am sure, most people, myself included, were happy to do. Now, one has to register for a one day session at a cost of $75 and all of Katie’s sessions have become costly, not to mention the exhorbitant cost of the School for the Work, which we are constantly exhorted to attend. I love the Work (I, with one other woman, did the very first French translation of the booklet which was put on The Work’s website in 1999) but I am really put off by the fact that It and Katie’s availability have turned into a paying business. One should not have to pay to hear the Truth and those who bring it to others degrade it by making it available only for money. This situation, of Katie charging for spreading the Truth, seems to have started after she became “associated” with Stephen. Given that Katie implicitely accepts reality as it is, maybe she is just letting others dictate how her message is to be made available. I really get turned off when I read Katie urging us to pre-purchase her new book so that it can get on the NY Times best-selling chart. The Truth according to Katie and The Work are turning into a business enterprise. “When money changes hands that is business, not spirituality. The ego usually does not let people see that “Spiritual teachers” who accept money are all really just business people. If a son wanted to learn something from a father and the father said “Yes, but first you must pay me $20 for one hour or $250 for one weekend of instruction” one can instantly see that something has gone seriously wrong with that relationship. However, when a spiritual teacher charges fees, the ego blinds people to the fact that something has gone seriously wrong with that relationship also.” I sure would like to get an answer to this email. Suzanne

  2. One thought that comes to me is ‘I’m lonely; X or Y should be with me, and then i wouldn’t be alone’. If I believe that, I’m in their business.

    I suppose also there’s ‘reality’s’ business: that I am alone now is how things are.

  3. I seem to remember there were more posts on this page…someone posted about being puzzled by Katie’s remark: “My body is my doctor’s business…” I answered that post…now they’ve all disappeared. Am I in someone else’s business right now? I guess so. I wrote the post feeling very good about my understanding of the “three kinds of business”–another good insight into ego.
    I don’t care if this gets posted or not. I like the closeness I feel right now.

  4. Dearest Suzanne,

    I don’t spread the truth. I have no interest in spreading what is already spread out equally inside each of us. I do have an interest, however, in seeing that as many people as possible know that the four questions and turnarounds exist, so that they can tap into themselves for their own truth and set themselves free. And I love living as an example and possibility. I don’t really have a choice, as living freely is everyone’s birthright.

    I love that The Work is always free on my website. Everything that people need is there, as well as in my books, which are in as many libraries, school systems, prisons, and nonprofit organizations as we can afford to place them in. There is a free hotline on the website, and a free round robin network, where people can do The Work with trained facilitators. As for events, since so many more people are coming now than in 1999 (and this has everything to do with Stephen and Loving What Is), the expenses – venue, sound, staff – are much higher now. To pay for the events, the venues need deposits that are very large, and the balance paid, whether or not the event takes place, and paid in full after the event even if the event must be cancelled for some reason and we still must give participants back their money. So I love that registrations show me whether to do the events or not. They guide me. Any time anyone registers for an event, it tells me their intention, and I love meeting that. It’s my life. And as for the School, yes, I do exhort people to come. There is nothing like it on the planet. It is pure, it is radical, and I love that everyone who can afford to do it has the opportunity to know that it exists. And many who cannot afford it are given financial aid; there are many scholarships and grants to teachers, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and others who do hospital, public schools and universities, prison, government, rehab, literacy work, etc. These people and institutions don’t always have the funds to allocate because their budgets are stretched to the point of bare essentials just to continue operating. They take The Work back to their families, their communities, and their institutions, and everyone who follows the simple directions in the School (I call it the School of You) carries less burden, more clarity, and a kinder life out to the world as a result of it. And I continue to urge people, if there’s any way possible, not to live the rest of their lives without doing the School first.

    The money from the Schools allows me to pay for the website, our Arizona office, our Chicago office, my travel, which often includes my staff, to countries and to people who cannot afford to pay my airfare, to support The Work where there is war, hunger, and disease, to do ongoing prison projects like the one we have at San Quentin, to work with the VA for our vets suffering from trauma, as well as for our incarcerated vets. I am able to pay a large office staff (our CEO, Bill Birdsall, works as a volunteer, his heart is golden!), pay for my airfare, hotel expenses, bring staff with me, and support them, pay for their food, lodging in hotels, etc. (staff who can afford it buy their own airfare and pay their own expenses), because the Schools and intensives are financially supported through tuitions. It all works. The School venues cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, the airfare is expensive, and then I pay staff to hold registration all year, I pay for the office staff, accountants, taxes, insurance, employee health insurance, employee retirement plans, website, advertising, and the list runs on and on. And in this way the School is made possible. And everything I have is in the four questions and turnaround. When people go to my website, the four questions are on the front page. When they click on the four questions, they get the “blue sheet.” That way, no one has to pay for anything. And if they have the money and the desire to attend an intensive or the School, or buy a C.D., then their money supports The Work. That’s how it moves.

    I hope this helps.

    Loving you,

  5. Dear Katie,

    I was wondering if there are any projects that use The Work around the San Diego area. I would like to explore the idea of volunteering if there are. I am thinking of the San Quentin project.

    Is any similar work being done around San Diego? I am interested in working with women who have experienced domestic violence. Do you do anything in that area with The Work?

    I don’t feel that I would want to initiate a project here but I would like to work as an assistant with someone who already is.

    Thanks for any information you can provide.

    PS Please just use my first name if you post this comment. Thank you

  6. I just read above that when you go to the website and click on the 4 questions you get the blue sheet. That doesn’t happen. How can I get the blue sheet?

  7. Katie; we’ve never met in person, but we have met in the heart space. the wisdom you awake inside of me is an unspeakable joy, and i just want to say thank you. i am 45 live in the midwest and look forward to the day i can hug and kiss you. you are such a gift. may the source of love fill you to overflowing this holyday. smiles, ron


  9. The work is a gift, a tool. God brings gifts and tools through resources. God works through people. I believe god works through Katie. The school was a gift. I was unable to pay and I was there. A gift from god. I was suppose to be there and I turned it over to god and I was placed there. The decision was made. I did not have to make it. Thank you god for putting me in front of Someone with tools I did not have before. I ask god and he answers. I know I am right where I am suppose to be.

  10. Dear Suzanne,
    I can easily follow your story about the money stuff etc.
    but I also can easily feel the possibility to follow another story: … of that Katie is just doing the thing she is doing … as Suzanne is doing the thing she is doing … and that both are doing it absolutely pefectly uniquely wonderfully … as they are supposed to.

    So there is this apparent choice to choose one of the 2 possibilities … and somehow it’s given that I don’t have to twist my arm … to ‘freely’ go with number 2 … and the resonance is my … freedom.

    Maybe this choice is also given to you … if not … see the perfection of … it.
    It’s all a story … and sometimes it’s called
    only Love

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