One time I came back from a trip and everything was stolen.

I loved it.

I couldn’t find one true thought about needing anything.

As I stood there, Paul, my husband at the time, was very upset. He still believed these things were his, although they already belonged to someone else. He suffered and suffered.

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  1. Yes, this is a good one. We/I invest time trying to protect my personal stuff…for what? I feel sometimes I get bombarded with propaganda about safety–physical and financial. “Put your money here…get this check-up…eat these vitamines…do these exercises…get a future, like Katie says, “and suffer right now.” But how to get away from this grid that permeates all of society?
    I feel soo much freer when I don’t care what happens to my property or to myself. This sounds odd–but what does the other option offer? There is never enough safety–there is never a policy against illness or death or loss…so, why not embrace it in the first place?

    As I get older (;-( I look around at the folks who are older than me–and, I see a lot of fear in terms of the things I mentioned above. I want to scream and say: It’s all a bunch of bullsh–! Can’t you see? It doesn’t work that way! But then I also fall into the trap–and fear the unknown.

    I’m ready to become “unholy”–to drink and be merry–to bathe in the wonder of this world in all it’s senses. Let’s not forget the saints, who in rapture, wrote the most pornographic poems in terms of their feelings–their exctasy!

    Hurray for humanity!!!

  2. When I was young my Father had a saying when someone took something you had. He would say, “be thankful you had something to take.” I think Katie takes that one step further down the road to peace.

  3. I don’t think it would be the ‘things’ (except trumpets as I’m unemployed without them) that I’d regret losing but the thought of anyone coming into my house without my permission or knowledge then going through personal belongings is unacceptable.

  4. Thanks Topchamp – you’ve got me smiling because you’ve helped me to realise, yet again, that it is the thought of this happening that is unacceptable – and only that.

    I’m not sure you meant it like this, but you’ve reminded me that if I don’t buy into the thought, there’s nothing wrong.

    Thank you!

    With love,


  5. I actually had my house burgled a month ago. This was after I was doing the Work. I guess i’m not as enlightened as I could be. It was very difficult to deal with even though I always believed I am not a materialistic person. I lost all my wedding (and lots of other) jewelry, un backed-up pictures (on a stolen PC) of my infant/toddler, family, numerous other things. The burglar even drank my husband’s best beer in our kitchen! I was terrified to be alone in that house after that. I tried to bless and forgive the robber but I was still dealing with a lot of negative emotions, especially when I passed pawnshops. The Work has helped me deal with it over time. Stephen Mitchell replied to an email I sent Katie and was very helpful.
    He sent me a chapter from Katie’s new book describing her experience coming home to a burgled house and how she felt no loss, no violation, and instead loved the clean Zen look of the house. I admire both Katie and Stephen and strive to find my True nature and deconstruct the conditioned and imagined beliefs I have (Who would I be without my story of having been victimized?), but I can totally sympathize with Paul because I have been there!

    Thanks for the Work! It’s a true gift.


  6. When I was 19, my family’s house burned down. I remember how sad everyone was…but to me, it was hard not to smile… it was an adventure.
    I went to Europe that summer. People told me I shouldn’t go; I should help my parents rebuild their house, etc. My parents said I should go. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Having all those possessions gone, actually helped to have a more fulfilling time; a new beginning and a lesson of letting go and accepting what is.

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