Peace on Earth

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  1. Dear Katie, I want to be with my husband more than anything else. My predicament is that I don’t know where he is. I don’t know if I need to do something to find him or if he will come to me w/o action on my part. Also, I have a son who is extremely clingy with me. He believes his father to be dead and he wants to be the sole male figure in my life. I may need to give him a little push to find his Self, but all my attempts thus far have failed and resulted in arguements. I want to support him on his path to a happy productive life, and at the same time, I very much want to have a happy, wonderful life with my husband. If I had to choose between my happiness with my husband or helping my son on his path, w/o a doubt I would choose my happiness with my husband. I’m afraid my husband, whom I love very much, can’t find me b/c he believes there is not enough space in my current life b/c of my son. I’m in a hurry to solve this dilemma. The fastest path to my husband, my love, is what I want. Any thoughts? I believe solving this predicament is an essential step in creating peace on my earth which you mentioned in your most recent blog.
    I love you. Sassy and Impatient Susan

  2. Happy new year to all! Thank you for the gift of the work.

    I’d love to do my bit to move the Work. I emailed the producers of the Oprah Winfrey show ( to have Katie on. Perhaps if more folks send in the same request, they may take heed? The world needs the Work (more than cars/houses/etc..)

    Love you, Katie!

  3. Hi Sassy Susan,

    Thanks for your posting – you’ve inspired me to write out a whole bunch of statements starting with:

    “I would be happy / happier if ………”

    and I’m working through every one of them using the 4 questions and the turnarounds to really see if they are absolutely true.

    So far I’m learning that happiness and peace of mind is not dependent on anyone or anything being different from how it is right now.

    With love and thanks,


  4. I’m confused by the four questions.

    One thing that seems to “cause” me a lot of stress is the thought that war is happening, torture,r ape, stravation – all this is happening, and, worse, i’m participating in it – by paying taxes, supoprting the American economy, and not risking life and limb to stop it ASAP.

    So this is stressful to me. I feel a moral/ethical/spiritual responsbility to do something about it. Everything else feels secondary.

    Now according to Katie, since i’m feeling stress, something must be untrue for me.

    But what?

    It’s true there is war. It’s true people suffer. This causes me stress.

    So where have i missed something?



  5. Hi Daniel,

    So just a blurt here after reading your comment – and it’s really none of my business anyway – maybe it’s the thought that you should be doing something about the war and suffering. What’s the reality?

    With love,


  6. Root cause Analysis / Self Introspection
    1) Release me from the never-ending chain of desires
    So I may live in peace with Absolute contentment
    2) Free my mind from the darkness of lust
    And fill my soul with the light of divine Love
    3) Let me not live to eat & indulge in the unreal outer shelf
    Eat but to live & realize my Real Inner Self
    4) Let me not use words as missiles that injure
    Use them but gentle sparingly for comfort & cure
    5) Let me not forget my brittle dwelling of glass
    So throw not I stones wherever I glance
    6) Enlighten my mind with the knowledge of thee
    And releasing the weight that scholarship brings
    7) Detach my SELF from the bondage of my ego
    So differentiated am I no more
    8) Let good tidings of others forever bring joy unqualified
    And merge my soul with that of one & all
    9) Inspire in me the sense of surrender at thy Lotus Feet
    So sorrow not I see, but your dance to stay on my feet
    10) Let me not do any work for rewards & fame
    But let every act be dedicated to thy Name
    11) Help me eliminate the chatter in my mind
    So I stay connected with thy Name on my mind
    12) Help me to enrich & protect my subjective mind
    To filter & deflect the objective mind
    13) Help me to rid the fear so I am ever fearless
    So I am true to Your Will & nature as a free Will
    14) When you finally Grace me to thy shore
    Let me please come with my friends Galore

    By Nate Natesan

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