Book Tour: A Thousand Names for Joy in Lenox, MA


Next stop: New York City

UPDATE: View the rest of the book tour dates here>>

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  1. Dear Katie,

    Thank you for posting pictures of your Lenox,MA tour on your website. I so wanted to be there, but what is rules….

    On Friday, I was able to read parts of A Thousand Names for Joy to a new friend, and share with her the Work. She was so grateful! She said that what I read and showed to her were exactly what she needed. I shared with her that you were in MA this weekend (we are in Vermont), and how I had wanted to be there. She said, “But if you had gone, you wouldn’t have been here to tell me about the Work, and show me this wonderful book!”

    I’m grateful that all is as it is! I haven’t put your new book down since I got it a week ago. Thank you so much – there are no words for my gratitude.

    Loving You So Much,
    Jacki Harmon

  2. I was at this stop on the book tour and it changed my life I am 22 and I finally get it! My life has been down right peaceful since then and I live only in my business and am fully enjoying the reality of my life!

    Thank you for your message!

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