Video: Inquiry—”I Want the Cancer to Stop Growing”


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  1. I remember watching this incredible man “undo” himself last fall; I think he is one of the bravest, most willing people ever to sit in that hot seat…and proof positive that there is no stressful story we can’t come to unravel. My hero!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I also remember witnessing this brave man enter Katie’s parlor and meet himself. It was very moving seeing this clip and re-membering what it was like sitting in the audience.

  3. Sitting in the audience that day this amazing man came to unravel his fear. It was inspirational to witness. His willingness to find examples incredible.
    It was grace to be present in that space that beautiful Saturday

  4. Here’s the transcript for this one – and reading the other comments on this video, I’m reminded of ‘turning around’ the comments to yourself as well – you can’t see it in others if it isn’t in you.

    With love, Jon x


    Video: Inquiry – “I Want the Cancer to Stop Growing”


    P: I want the cancer to stop growing and hurting me and my family, and know that…

    BK: So you want the cancer to stop growing? Is that true, are you sure, have you stopped to think about it?

    BK: Look again, you may come up with the same answer and I’m inviting you – “you want the cancer to stop growing” – is that true, are you sure, sit with it.

    P: Yes

    BK: So – “you want the cancer to stop growing” – we’re looking at stressful reactions here, how do you react when you believe the thought “I want the cancer to stop growing” and the doctor says “It’s growing”.

    P: I end up having panic and stress reactions that are really difficult.

    BK: Yes, yes – so give me a stress-free reason to keep the thought “I want the cancer to stop growing”.

    P: I’m sorry, I can’t think of one.

    BK: There isn’t one

    P: Oh good, Ok – I was getting very stressed 🙂

    BK: You know, there may be one and I haven’t found it yet, I’m traveling with you.

    P: Oh Ok, thank you.

    BK: So, “I want the cancer to stop growing” – who would you be without that thought?

    BK: (off-screen) Living your life, just….

    P: I would be ordinary, in my own life and what it is.

    BK: And sweetheart, there are 2 ways to live your life just the way you are living it – one is stressed out and one is not. One hurts, one doesn’t – either way you’re living it.

    P: Yes, I am living it, that’s right.

    BK: So I want, “I want the cancer to stop growing” – turn it around, what is the opposite?

    P: “I don’t want my cancer to stop growing”

    BK: So give me an example of why that would be true?

    BK: Give me an example of why that’s a good thing.

    P: I don’t want my cancer to stop growing for it’s opening doors that I could never have opened on my own or I would not have easily opened.

    BK: That’s one, give me another one.

    P: I don’t want cancer to stop growing because it’s opening my heart.

    BK: That’s two, give me one more – if you can find two you can find three.

    P: I don’t want my cancer to stop growing because I am so much more alive than I was a year ago.

    [audience applause]

    BK: If you can find three, you can find four.

    BK: (off-screen) Don’t let you get away with anything sweetheart.

    BK: You know “loving what is” is just, I mean it’s not “kinda liking what is” or “kinda appreciating”, it’s not “accepting what is”, it is GOOD, it is really exciting and I’m inviting you to keep going, just one more.

    P: I have two more.

    BK: You know I’m in there with you, I’m getting excited.

    P: I want my cancer to keep growing because I am becoming more of who I am and in that I can be more for others, in the way that I can be of service for others.

    BK: That’s the deal – did you consider that one or two?

    P: It’s a mix

    BK: Ok, one more.

    P: Ok – oh – [looks at his partner] – I’m going to swipe this from someone I heard say this a long time ago – I don’t want the cancer to stop growing because I want to become the world’s greatest lover for my future wife.


    BK: Yeah – now was that “I, I don’t want my…”, very good, alright.

    P: Thank you.

    BK: (off-screen) That’s exciting – that’s really exciting.

    BK: And there’s more – you ever meditate, just sit? Ok honey, travel there, there’s more.

  5. I am so grateful for this video …
    it came to me through synchronicity – and the words I heard through the mouth of this exceptional man, have finally answered a question about the possible sense of my own illness that I have been experiencing since recently … this exchange has liberated me from fear, from rejecting the situation and helped me to adopt it as a welcome friend, who will walk along my path as long as he considers it necessary … since this day, I am full of joy and full of energy … no matter if healing should take place or not … it does not make a difference to me anymore … I have learned to embrace both possibilities equally …
    thank you, katie …

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