Bestseller in the Bay Area and the Rockies

Dearest Family,

Your love for passing on The Work has made A Thousand Names for Joy a bestseller in the Bay Area and the Rocky Mountains.

Thousand Names for Joy: Living in Harmony with the Way Things Are

It’s now on the bestseller lists of the San Francisco Chronicle, The Denver Post, and the Marin Independent Journal. Please keep us updated as you continue to talk about this revolutionary new book in your community.

There is nothing more exciting than watching peace as it moves in the world. Thank you, dear ones.

Loving you,


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  1. Congratulations Stephen and Katie – I find myself drawn back to the book time and time again – reading and not understanding, yet knowing something is happening – it must be otherwise why would I keep being drawn back to it to read the same passages again and again?!

    I feel like a beginner with all of this and sometimes notice myself drowning and “I” am thinking that “I” shouldn’t be drowning (is that true?), then “I” let go and life gets so much easier – ah, relief!

    With love,


  2. I wish for everyone on earth who has ever longed for self-realization to receive and read both A Thousand Names for Joy and Loving What Is. Katie and Stephen (and, of course, Lao-tzu) demonstrate so clearly and lovingly that a life lived in harmony is not only possible, it is within everyone’s reach.

  3. “A Thousand Names for Joy” is a brilliant and challenging book. But I just received an email regarding a new Wayne Dyer/Byron Katie audio CD, “Making Your Thoughts Work for You,” described as teaching how to “retrain your mind . . . to start attracting what you want.”

    Say what? The whole thrust of “A Thousand Names” is: thoughts just happen, to no one, and they’re never true. But Dr. Dyer appears to be in the “manipulate your thoughts to achieve your desires” camp. Strange (and disturbing) bedfellows!

  4. Just read a Thousand names for Joy? I found it very enlightening,however some things were out there.

    For example, my hand was meant to be scalded? Well you can make that your reality if you choose but your hand was scalded because you poured tea into a Cracked Cup because you were either not present or your eye problem did not allow you to see the Crack in the Cup!

    Another example, if your sick, its your Doctor’s business, don’t worry about it. Maybe you have the perfect Doctor in your world, but I don’t think I’m giving my power away just yet. Weren’t you misdiagnosed with Cancer?

  5. I do want to ask – how can I put my “issue” across to be able to help my self?? my issues are very irational thoughts that I don’t know how change or turn them around, I don’t know what “name” to give or call it…Am fearing Depression, fearing going mental, fearing not been busy enough, fearing being alone, fearing and fearing my OWN thoughs…this is somthing I don’t know how to do the WORK with?? maybe you can help and guide me on that. – my whole life I have dealt with those kind of fears, which were folowed by panic and anxiety attacks etc. and made it worse – and the feelings of descomfort and agoney on a emotional/phisical
    my beggest FEAR is the FEAR of the FEAR, FEAR of MY THOUGHTS….so HOW DO YOU WORK WITH IT??

    Thank You and looking forwerd to hearing from You.

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