Katieism: Stress is an alarm clock…

Stress is an alarm clock that lets you know you’ve attached to something not true for you.

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  1. Stress is a way to let you know that I am attaching on to an idea that is not true for me. I keep doing the four questions and my heart is still so very heavy.

  2. Wow! Thanks Katie. It’s so simple we overlook it. Stress is when we believe a concept that isn’t true for us, that argues with reality. Look at the “believer”, the one who attaches to concepts, the one at play, pretending. That one is already all we’ve ever wanted. And the movement away from ourselves, the kind and loving one, is painful. We are the dreamer, not the dream. Nothing to seek. Nothing outside this one. How do you know you’re already where you want to be? You question your thoughts.

  3. Jacey –

    The heaviness you feel is your attachment to your stressful thoughts. The best way to do The Work is to actually go to the School for The Work and absorb the way it works from Katie herself. It’s nine days of total immersion in The Work. And at the end, you are free!

    Here’s the link:

  4. Hey, Jacey- you said, “I keep doing the four questions and my heart is still so very heavy.”

    That’s because the questions themselves have no power. Your own answers are where the power is. The work is meditation. The deeper you let it unravel you, the more freedom you’ll experience. It’s not about drumming through Q&A. It’s about changing your fundamental beliefs & assumptions about the world into saner apraisals of reality. Who would you be without any beliefs? Live one day this way, just as an experiment. Perhaps taken the questions deeper with a trained facilitator on the network would help. It’d made a huge difference for me.

    Stick with it!

  5. Jacey,
    Thank you for doing The Work. If your heart is still so very heavy, I’d be happy to facilitate you if you think it would help.
    with love, dale dalebsteele at earthlink dot net or 252 413 6179

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