The School in June: Trumbull, CT

photos by C. Pratte

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  1. Oh lovely C. Your pictures are beautiful! The School was spectacular. I was amazed at how deep it ran, with such a remarkable sense of humor and joy. I have never experienced anything so breathtaking as that School.

    I am glad that I was a participant, and the School is still going on here in Virginia! I am still being worked in ways I will never get and don’t even want to try.

    I loved all of you there – weren’t we magnificent? Isn’t the ordinary just so extraordinary? It feels like remembering myself, just a little bit more, through all of you. And “me” just falls away, (A tree taught me this. hahahaha)

    And then yesterday I had problems with my computer. I flipped out. I did a worksheet. I laughed my sides off! And so it goes…

    Thank you KT and Trumbull School brothers and sisters and staff.


    Lisa Lee

  2. I’m imagining how amazingly thoughtful and joyous it was to be there. So even though I wasn’t there, since you all shared your faces with us here on the blog, I got to experience at least a bit of the School, too, in my head. So, thanks!

    (Maybe someday I’ll get to go to one, but so far, I guess I’ve had other things I was supposed to do 🙂

  3. These beautiful photos evoke such a sense of what could have been experienced there.

    How beautiful and POTENT… seeing them each holding roses, each honouring their beautiful, sacred souls.

    It is so beautiful that you are in this world, Katie.

    Thanking you deeply from across the globe ~
    From the highest in me, to the highest in you ~
    Goddess of Leonie

  4. Dearest Katie, Beloved Family,

    Oh, my God! The School in Trumbull, Connecticut was one of the greatest Blessings of my life! What a Miracle! This profound experience knocked my socks off and cleared away decades-worth of stressful ‘cobwebs’ from my deluded mind, & now, thanks to you, I have the tools to keep up the mental housecleaning.

    Heartfelt thanks to beloved Katie and to all the wonderful people who were an integral part of this blessing of a learning experience. Home in Western Massachusetts feels so perfect now with my amazing husband … whose business I now know how to stay out of. So far so good =)!

    Thank you so much to the loving BK Staff members who generously guided, encouraged and loved us, protecting our cocoons as we did the Work. Thanks to C. Pratte for her feelingful and evocative photos of this deeply meaningful experience. Thanks to the very kind Staff of the Marriott Hotel in Trumbull, CT, including, of course, Carlos and Manuel, the Marriott’s gods of nourishment and hospitality. Thanks to the nature spirits of Trumbull who greeted us each morning.

    Thanks to you all, Dear Friends, for showing me how to ‘laser-beam’ through my stressful thoughts to find my way to a peaceful, Joyful place, within and without. A life-long practice.

    On that final Saturday morning of the School, I had decided to travel lightly, for once, carrying only my room key. Nothing else. No backpack, sweatshirt, or bottle of water. It felt sooo good. So light. Well … after breakfast, I had planned to return to our room to pick up my schoolbag. When I got to room 352, ready to open the door, I reached into my pocket to pull out the room key in order to open the door. SURPRISE! I had grabbed ‘the wrong key’ … OR HAD I? All I had in my pocket was the yellow card: 4 questions and a turnaround! Did I ever laugh upon discovering the perfect key that opens all doors!

    With Love & Gratitude,

    P.S. Orly, I loved your letter from Israel! Many thanks! What a Miracle it is to witness Katie’s infinitely loving and compassionate ways of sharing the Work everywhere! WOW!

  5. Dear family,
    I just discovered this ability to blog. The whole experience in Trumbull was God sent. I’ll never be the same. I remember so many brothers and sisters which will be with me for the rest of my life. I’m trying to contact them all and stay in touch if possible. Orly and my dear Ben and sweet Pierre and others who now mean so much. I tried to make sure I made contact with them daily when we were there. Haven’t spoken with anyone but Pierre since coming home because he was one of my partners but I won’t stop trying to to remain connected even if we can’t speak to one another. You are all in my heart forever. Katie too. I do hope to see many of you at further events.

  6. I have just read your book and found it inspiring. Sometimes I think I grasp some of the meaningother times I wish I could start a the work Group. This morning I became aware of so many sounds and smells and was able to connect them. I felt true joy. I now have to do the worksheet about my neighbour and look forward to it early this morning . It occurs to me that you have not been to South africa.

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