Europa2007: Moving The Work

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  1. Hello Katie,

    it was great to see you for one day in Stuttgart, Germany.
    I have known The Work for one year from your books and it was good to see you “real” for the first time. It was amazing how you worked with the people on the stage.
    Here are some insights that I had by listening to you:
    I noticed that until now I have done my inquiries too quickly and if I give them more time, I get better answers and new insights for myself.
    I also noticed how important it is to find a few (!) real examples why the turnaround – the reality – is (or could be) better than my imagination.
    Another effect of the day for me was that the noise of my thoughts was reduced by about 95 %. Very strange. And it was lasting for a few days but begins to fade again. It reminded me of the fact that my life happens here and now (and not in my fantasy).
    Hopefully by continuing to do the Work I can manage to reduce my unnecessary thoughts more and more, to be “here” more often (since I am here anyway…).

    So, your books are great, but seeing you Working in person is better.
    Thank you for travelling around the world.
    With love

  2. Dear Katie,

    When are you coming to France or Switzerland ? We need you !! I saw your videos and how the Work is powerful and perfect to your occidental minds…
    So let’s come again to Europe and visit the french speakings countries: France, Swizerland and Belgium.

    (Thank you for your dear presence anyway, here or far away, your message is so powerfull and loving that no borderlines can hold it stuck…),


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