Israel 2007

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  1. I find these images to be very beautiful and reassuring, when usually all we see is violence on fear on television. Like Wayne Dyer said, the terrorists serve up violence and we react with providing more fear. The cycle continues. Seeing these images in Israel 2007 proves that that cycle can be halted, if we choose to question our thoughts about it. This is exactly the kind of freedom and courage I am interested in. Thank you Katie.

  2. And it goes on, just got home from Kt’s evening program in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was so sweet and smooth, you couldn’t even tell 1200 people each day were in the hall, you could hear a pin drop and those of you who know Israelies, know this is highly unusual for Israelies to be SO quiet.
    The depth and the amazing penetrating Katie has blown everyone’s mind and swept everyone off their feet. The end was a HUGE inquiry circle and TV came and have interviewed an arab friend who had been to the school in Germany and she told them how the Work had changed her life. I find it so useful to be around Katie seeing how she misses nothing. Here she sees a person needing a partner, here she asks the Hebrew translator to hold on and she asks for an Arab translator as well, so that all will be included. I see how just by watching her, her tremendous compassion, her inclusiveness I am touched and am becoming more and more that way. Thank you God for your divine grace. Love, Orly

  3. Dear Katie,
    Your inner peace movement rocks! What could be sweeter than un-peeling the stress / inner violence of the world one thought at a time – – times over a thousand people in one sitting? Amazing! Thank you for arming us with such a powerful weapon /tool to dismantle all attachment to stressful thoughts / violence in the world (in my thinking about the world that is).
    Thank you for providing a way to become a non-believer of stressful stories.

  4. On Saturday, June 30th, I was on my way to participate in the Tel Aviv work of Byron Katie. It was 8:30am and I got a call on my cell phone to inform me that my best friend of many years, Roberta, had died after a long illness. Rather than cancelling my participation, I decided that the workshop might help me cope better with this loss. In the afternoon session Byron Katie interviewed a mother whose 44 year old son had died in a car accident. I couldn’t believe how Byron Katie guided the woman to deal with “the worst thing that could happen to a mother”. On one level it seemed to me almost cruel. Why then were we laughing and crying and finding relief from the weight of this tragedy? I don’t think I have a real answer but something did click. When I later met my friends, there was no sadness, no sense of loss about my good friend’s death. I am grateful for this fortuitous coincidence of Byron Katie and my good friend Roberta.

  5. Attending the Workshop on Saturday was a dream come true for me. Releasing with 1500 other Israelis was living proof to me of GOOD.

    What the others above have written, I too experienced. It is a blessing to live here – and contribute to peace by living it.

    For those of you around the world please consider visiting us here in Israel, as you will find many many people who are taking personal responsibility for ending their own suffering, and thereby becoming examples of healing good for others.

    Arik and Vered Peled and Tsila, who organized the Arab sector workshop are to be commended for their selfless work.

    All the best,
    Eliana Gilad
    Founder, Sacred Peace Tours
    Founder, Voices of Eden

  6. Am visiting Israel and going to the Way to Sulha Peace project 26 to 28 August. I did the amazing 9 day School for the Work in Miami this June, and would love to see if anyone who is doing the Work will be at the Sulha as well, and if there are any The Work groups in Israel? Do any of you know of any? Lots of Love, Karen xxx

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