Video: “Israel 2007 – I’m Afraid of War, Part III”

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Wow…the war in me…in my head. To see that that is where it lives. With war in my thinking..stress…without war in my head..peace. A place, the only place to begin..

  2. I cried all the way through this interview. I was threatened by a veteran of the Iraq war. He threatened to kill me. It terrified me and made my life miserable for a year. I was diagnosed with PTSD. It was really one of the worst times of my life. But now I see that most of the suffering went on in my mind. The actual threat only lasted an instant.

  3. These sessions are amazing. I do the Work all the time on my own but I learn so much when I watch Katie in action. To be there with this lady from Israel, to watch her journey and at the same time in my own self to feel even more concepts unravelling – it’s a beautiful process!

    Thought I’d share a quote from another ‘teacher’ that I love:

    “Sometimes we sit and the moments are lost, each moment being a little soldier. And as time goes on the soldiers are sacrificed. The war of all wars. No war can be greater than the inner human conflict…Every human being, like a king, watches the tyranny of this incredible war. You are the King, and you must decide, or else every single soldier will be gone and no longer will you reign. Wise are those who have secured their own victory. ” (Prem Rawat Maharaji)

  4. Dear Katie-
    Everything I need to know is in this one small clip…I can have my fears and images, or I can choose to be in Grace. Thank you thank you for giving us the school-the gift that keeps on giving…I love you..Linda

  5. AMAZING!My own country suffered the same type of war for decades,and when Katie spoke here it reminded me of some truths that i had,i remember even at ten or eleven years old thinking there was no winners and no side to be taken,and then i had a sense that it had nothing to do with me,i dont know why,but i was grateful that i never fell into the trap.Katie brought the same truth to life here again,All war is in our heads.WONDERFUL to see this in action,very powerful and simple too,thank you kt

  6. These 3 videos are very powerful. So many human beings have been through the fear of war or some kind of fear/war inside themselves. I can’t imagine what some people have gone through…however, the key words here are “have been”—in other words, the fear and experience doesn’t actually exist…its in the past—gone, finished, in a mind that remembers. How wonderful to be free of the past, so i can experience the reality and absolute Grace of Now!!! This moment is all that is real…the past and future are imaginations, and that realization brings me to reality—what is here and now.

    The core of all fears is the fear of death. It is believed to be something horrible, the final “end”…the dark hole…etc, etc. the mind can go on and on and on thinking, believing. However, i’ve heard that death might actually be a very beautiful experience…we all die anyway…who knows? without a thought, there is no fear.

    I now notice that everything i need in life is right at my feet, waiting to give me more than i need for a simply happy life, without believing ANY thought…there is ever-lasting freedom. It’s so simple.

    much Love, jacob

  7. I felt great relief after seeing these three videos.My son starts his army service next year and I certainly feel somewhat more settled after seeing the thought process Katie uses.
    Here’s to honesty!!!!

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