Video: “Israel 2007 – I’m Afraid of War”


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  1. My goodness. Applicable to the fear of EVERY war – with mother, father, sister, brother, spouse, boss, dog and cat. Every stressful thought believed denies God, the state of Grace.

    The more I do The Work, the more I understand that everything that is not love and peace is fear. Thank you for these amazing video clips of what we could call an extreme situation that mirrors what we all experience all the time…and shows what is possible.

  2. I loved this, It took me to what am I frearing, that is in my past and I am believing might happen again in the future. A future I know nothing about.
    A past I don’t even know exists.
    Wonderful! Wonderful The Work!
    Joy Curtis

  3. I think the videos were just beautiful, so meaningful, every time I hear Katie speak about war, I understand more the war I make inside and the questions become more and more alive in me. Thank y ou Katie

  4. Beautiful work.
    How often (only always) is my internal war and fear of a nonexistent future.
    The grace of the moment felt is nothing and bliss.
    And how beautiful is that reality.

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