Video: Fear of a Terrorist Attack – Part 1

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  1. Beautiful and effective to see someone lighning up as the fear is put aside, as one steps out of the fear and enters the moment of what is and what could be or once was…

    Katie has such a soft, gentle, persuasive, strong and very effective way of communicating and being with someone else in her coaching. Impressive and great to experience. Can’t wait to watch part 2

  2. Thank you Katie,
    Sometimes The Work seems very difficult and today I was attached to that thought. While doing The Work on fearful thoughts, a flash came to me about Katie’s Work on terrorism in video stream and that I hadn’t finished viewing it. Wow! What a beautiful, gentle, loving experience I observed between Katie and the fearful women, but also in myself. I am a psychotherapist of 35 yrs and also experience PTSD from childhood trauma. In all my work with clients and on myself, I have never been able to come to such a place of peace as I did watching Katie and the fearful women move through fear to peace and laughter. I watched it over and over and plan to watch it more.

    With much gratitude and love,

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