Video: Fear of a Terrorist Attack – Part 2

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  1. Good evening from the Uk. Yet another great episode of the Work, and excellent sense of timing. One of my favourite bits is BK greeting the shaking by complimenting its sense of rhythm! Has BK met or heard of Ali G? I think she would enjoy answering his questions if appearing on his show. Perhaps she might like Borat too. I wonder what comedy shows she likes watching. Goodnight from David.

  2. I’m so pleased and overwhelmed by this work from the Israel session, about terror and war. This is where the rubber hits the road, so to speak, when we deal with fears of this magnitude. And once we begin to free ourselves from them, so interesting to see that some of the ‘leaders’ of the world continue to do their best to perpetuate the fears and divisions. It is perhaps the most powerful tool of the war on the imagination.

  3. Thank you for making these available for viewing at not cost. I so appreciate watching each one and seeing them change just in the conversation and their personal discovery. It’s calming and hopeful.

  4. What struck me about the beautiful young woman is that she says that she is afraid of opening her heart, and what I see throughout the piece is how very open her heart is. Thank you Katie for helping us awake to how close our true heart always is.

  5. Part 2 is climaxing from the premises of part 1. Great stuff. A clear, simple and effective example of how one can free oneself of fear (and other things too). How one can get out of a mental situation, a mental loop, a state of being created by the ego, just by asking and answering. It takes courage but the reward is clearly worth it. Thank you indeed for making this available free of charge to us. A great present. A great gift.

    Cheerio from a Frenchman in The Netherlands.

    With Love and Light


  6. I’ve dealt with anxiety/panic attics for more than 12 years and was on medication/therapy for the majority of this time.Due to working on my thoughts(thanks BK) & “fears” I’ve wheaned myself from meds and almost off everything. Watching the video was further uplifting and I felt empathy for the beautiful Israeli woman.

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