Video: from the Children’s Workshop

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  1. Katie, Thank you so much for holding this workshop. I took my son, Nicolas, to it as he was open to trying it out. He seemed only mildly interested at the end of the workshop, but I was just happy to be able to introduce the work to him in such a wonderful environment. On our way home he became very upset and angry when he received a call from his father telling him that he wouldn’t be coming over to see Nicolas that day. I asked him if there was anything I could do for him and he said no that he just wanted to be alone, so I dropped him off at home then took his godmother, who was traveling with us, home. She was telling me how sorry she felt for him and how awful his dad was, but I told her I didn’t feel that way at all (particularly after attending the workshop). I knew that this must be just what Nick needed since it was what happened and that his dad was just doing what he does. My thought was that I’d ask him if he wanted to do a worksheet when I got home, but by the time I got there he had already done one (he does them out loud since he doesn’t like to write) and was happy again, telling me “I found out that my dad didn’t dissapoint me; I dissapointed me.”

    And it’s gone on like that ever since then. In fact, he’s reminded me to do the work and offered to facilitate me (which I accepted) when he noticed that I got cranky this weekend. A few days after we got back from the workshop he asked if I noticed a change in him and I told him that I did and asked if he felt different. He answered, “I do. I feel like I can take care of almost any problem now.” He has a groundedness and self-confidence that I had only seen fleetingly before. As a parent, this is definitely one of my heart’s desires and it’s so beautiful to see it happening right before my eyes. Our house has become much more peaceful as each of us takes responsibility for our feelings while feeling free to express them. I’m learning alot about what his world is like living with me when he tells me how he feels and he gives me lots of things I can work on.

    Once again, thank you so much and please keep workshops for children in your agenda. Nicolas has already told me that he wants to go to the School for the Work, so if you have a child’s version coming up, you have your first participant. Love to you always,
    Alina Cruz

  2. I wish everybody would realize what a tremendous benefit THE WORK has for everyone, from 4 to 84. Lets focus on all children, teach The Work at schools and preschools around the world, including teachers facilitating students and students facilitating teachers, – 15 minutes every morning and before school ends – and than we teachers would know how to teach and BE better next day, and children would know how to find their place in a loving world.

    Rita, Australia

  3. What resources are there for introducing the Work with children? (I am a Montessori 4th-6th grade teacher; I have utilized the Work occasionally for myself.)

  4. One of my clients tried The Work with her son and he seemed to have difficulty with question #4 and finding the examples of turnarounds,because he strongly attached the thoughts. Any advice on this?

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