Video: “My body betrayed me”

The Work in Spanish

Laura Saavedra (a Certified Facilitator of The Work) reports from Puerto Rico about moving The Work in Latin America >> Hola! Yolanda Zumaeta offered workshops in Cali, Colombia last month, also in Lima, Peru after the quake. She is now...

Letter: Meeting The Work in Malawi

Dearest Katie, This is the story of how The Work came into my life. I was sitting alone at a table waiting for my meal in a guesthouse in Lilongwe, Malawi. I had recently arrived and had six weeks of...

Video: An Interview with Byron Katie

Letter: The Work in Action at the VA

The following is a letter from Jonathan M. Hartiens, Ph.D. Program Director at the Center for Addiction Treatment at the VA Medical Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Dr. Hartiens shares his experience with using The Work on Vietnam Veterans and...

Another Letter from Malawi

From Facilitator of The Work, Kondwani, in Africa: The whole of last week I was doing the work with women in Malawi. Stella, in the green golf shirt has been inviting friends to read The Little Book and telling...

Video: “I love criticism”

Video: Mother & Son – Part III

Video: Mother & Son – Part II