Video: Mother & Son – Part II

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  1. I have had this certain issue with my mother, that I have not been able to get rid of. I’m 32 yrs old, my mother feeds off negativity. She’s materialistic, she must have presents on every holiday. She must be center of attention. If she isn’t or doesn’t, she reaks havic on everyones life, including mine.
    I consider her to be a monster. She has hurt me for the last 32 yrs, emotionaly, physically, mentally; and I don’t want to carry that anymore, I want to let go of her. There is no health in this relationship. If there was, I’m sure I would have found it by now.
    I am not the only child, I have a sister as well. My mother controls her every action.
    I told my mother through a messy argument today, that I never want to speak to her again. Truly I don’t. I’m tired of waiting by the phone, wondering if she is going to call, wondering if she is coming over for a visit, wondering if she is going to acknowledge my exsistance today…She will never. That is why I need to let it go.

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