A Letter from Justina in West Cork, Ireland

Dear Katie,

I just wanted to write and tell you that yesterday was my first time doing a seminar where I incorporated ‘The Work of Byron Katie’ into the area I usually cover. I was so excited. At first, beforehand, I got a bit nervous,but then I worked it and discovered that what I was feeling was excitement and not nervousness, as what was happening for me was that I was introducing you and who could feel anything but excited about that!

It was amazing. It felt like you were there with me. I’d do my bit and then talk about the work and say well let’s hear what Katie has to say and show them extracts from your interview with Josh and some pieces from the videos on The Work.com. I did two meditations with them and you did one from the meditation DVDs.(!) They did JYN worksheets, one belief at a time worksheets and some work on accepting criticism. They loved it and really began to meet their difficult thoughts head on and watch them dissolve. We ended with the aim to get together and begin an inquiry circle. I hope that happens but I’m open to whatever comes.

It wasn’t a big group – yet 😉 – I live in a very small town in West Cork, Ireland and they were there because of what I do around my book Dance with Life. Though I did say this was an opportunity to experience The Work of Byron Katie as part of that, I wasn’t sure as to how they would react and of course their reaction was wonderful. What other reaction could there have been?

I am so grateful to you and to the school as after the school training I felt so prepared to just be able to be still and trust the work to work without my input, interference or ‘help’.

So I just wanted you to know that a part of you participated in a workshop here and through the awesome powers of internet and DVDs, some people in a small Irish town now have a connection to you and The Work. And most of all I wanted to thank you for that support and for all the ways you help me to move the work.

much love

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