Video: “Racial prejudice makes me angry”


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  1. How amazing to always experience the fullness of my heart when I watch Katie facilitate. I am just so grateful. Hearing yet again: “the truth that begins with me”…oh… that is so amazing and fresh each and every time.

    Where does prejedice lie with me? Where does prejedice exist even in what we hold most spiritual? Is everyone’s closeness to God the same? Can everyone’s energy mingle with everyone? Where is seperateness even in the Work circles? And how do I turn those questions to me. Katie, you are a true and liberating teacher. I love you always and forever. Orly

  2. Orly, sometimes I think the ultimate prejudice is seeing someone as the teacher and someone else as the student. This dichotomy of vision creates pain inside me. Even if I see the student as being the more desirable position, and recognize myself in that position, it creates a prejudice against the teacher. If I turn it around to say, “I am my true and liberating teacher,” I’ve just dismissed the teacher, and I’ve lost myself as a student. I love Katie and I love you. Each of you appears to me as teacher and student. I long to see the balance and perfection of this within myself. This is my life’s Work.


  3. Thank you my dear friend Carol for you and for your beautiful heart and I receive your words gratefully.

    You say: ” This dichotomy of vision creates pain inside me’–Could the pain be connected to a uninquired thought?

    Sure we learn from everyone and everything and we switch rolls constantly many times we are students and many times teachers in many situations. As Katie says we teach our own state of mind to people. We are the teacher of our own understanding and we all have so much to give. And, I see in Katie, in this video (and n general),a true and liberating teacher in front of my eyes. I really do. It is liberation itself, in that moment, seeing and thanking the means which brought her to this experience of fullness of heart.

    Also it’s my nature to speak like this. I like to express myself like that to my friends, teachers, students. Even to my dog I say: “You are the sweetest dog in the whole world”. Does that feel like creating a seperation to you? not owning my power? giving it away? what? Let me know, Love, Orly

  4. just when I think I have seen the love of humanity, I see something else that is twice as great. When I see people showing their heart mine is exposed. We are the same, without the story. When you can love anyone, for no reason we have really learned to love ourselves. When we can show that love to anyone for no reason we have joined the universe, as it loves all the elements that make it so perfect.
    loving you now, now , now becuase there is no other time to love.


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