A Letter from Hunstville, Alabama

I just returned home from the 2-5pm event by Byron Katie in Huntsville, AL.

I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you, Katie. I was the Mom with 3 kids that sat in the second row, my Mom was there too.

You did the Work with all three of my kids, which was just amazing. I am hoping to make the Work a habit for me and for my kids, and I do believe that what you brought out of them in terms of fears and negative thoughts, and how to turn them around… was just what my family needed to hear.

It was a great event, I learned a lot and I’m so thankful that you have made yourself available to so many. My youngest that took a picture with you is just thrilled with you Katie, you made a big impression. The papers that we did the Work on were in the car as we were traveling home, and when my other daughter tried to move them, my youngest (Brenna) wouldn’t let her take them away from her, she really likes the Work! We had to do it on the way home, too.

I know you must get tired of doing this over and over again, I just wanted to thank you for the personal attention we received, and for going all over the world spreading this information. My family will continue to inquire, and I will be passing along the message for others to check out www.thework.com also… thank you!


Update: The Work in Japan


We had a wonderful weekend of the Work in Tokyo. About 30 people attended, including some repeaters from previous workshops.

We were very systematic with introducing the Work. We did universal beliefs first then they wrote a JYNW and circled concepts and paired up and questioned those thoughts. On the second day they did more concepts from their worksheets and learned how to do question number 6 and also to take a concept and use a one belief at a time worksheet.

Tim McLean and his wife Yoshiko are very organised and Yoshiko is an amazing translator.

I was very touched by the dedication of the participants and to be with them with their discoveries, with their laughter and tears was very moving. Tim told me that the feedback forms they filled in and emailed to them all had scores of 5 which on their feedback sheet means excellent and they were very pleased to have attended the weekend.

It was a pleasure to work with them and I learned a great deal. We are planning doing another week end in November.

Much love from Nina and Ashik

A Letter from the Internet

My name is Jennifer, and I found The Work while online searching for a way to “unstick” my life. I didn’t quite understand at first, but then I read the book Loving What Is, and followed the counsel, I found a new person inside me. I have begun applying The Work to many areas of my life, but tonight I hit a most poignant false story that I wanted to share.

As I did The Work tonight, on underlying beliefs that were triggered by frustrations at my sister, I unearthed a powerful story inside me. I had been telling myself that I should not commit sins, when in fact I have and I do. I have been plagued in my life with anxiety and being overly careful about everything, censoring every area of my life. All of my thoughts went to picking over what I’d done and what I could do in the future that was wrong.

When I realized that it’s not true that I shouldn’t commit sins, my eyes were opened and I can now see. I can see that I keep God’s commandments because I love him, and that fear is not necessary for me to be obedient. When I discovered this, I put down my pen and just cried, because I could feel the love that God has for me, and I could feel the love I have for him, free of fear.

I was afraid that the fear in my former story was what was saving me. But when I considered for a brief moment that it wasn’t true, I realized that my love for the Savior and his love for me are what really save me each and every moment of every day, and it brought me to tears.

And it’s funny because in the moment that I knew that I should commit sins, the very things that have always tempted me seemed to disappear, forever.

God bless you, and thank you,

A Letter from Israel

Dearest Katie,

Today I went to the bank to have a talk with a new manager regarding my bank account and as we were talking she wanted to know what else I do besides working at the advertising agency so I told her a bit about you and the Work and she didn’t quite get it and asked for an example. So I asked her if there was anything troubling her and she said yes. There was something on her mind regarding one of her employees and she felt hesitant in how to approach them. So I suggested we do the Work on that and I walked her through the 4 questions and the turnarounds and she totally opened and I could tell it really made things clear for her. All of the sudden she asked me to hold on and she picked up the phone and got someone on the line and asked him to meet with me. Turns out he is in charge of all the organizational consulting/coaching at this national bank and more. She said to him she would like for him to interview me because she feels what I have to offer might be very useful. So now I have an appointment with him on Wednesday in regards to offering the Work at this bank. Isn’t that something? At the place where I work, since they do great power point presentations, I am thinking of creating one based on the small booklet to bring to this interview. What do you think, is the universe friendly or what??

What an interesting few days I’ve had.

The appointment with the coaching organization which the Bank Manager has recommended me to was set for this Sunday.

As I left my house, Sunday morning, to go to that meeting , I thought of you and carried you with me in the form of a warm sweet feeling in my heart. I hailed a cab, and from afar something sparkled at me from the driver’s face, I told him the address and half way there realized I left my cash at home in another purse. I didn’t know what to do-turn back to get my money–that would make me late for the meeting and yet how would I pay for the ride? I said something out loud and the driver turns to me and says: “Honey, the meeting is what matters and I’ll take you there, you don’t need to pay me , after the meeting I can pick you up again and you can pay me then”. “Thank you so much” I said, “but that means I’ll have no change on me at all throughout the day and I really need some change on me.” “that’s no problem” said the driver “I’ll give you some money and after work I’ll pick you up, bring you home where you left your money and then you’ll pay me.” Something about this man was so honest and real with no agenda whatsoever. I accepted. I got to the appointment on time, feeling so ready, so supported. I introduced myself to the CEO, he then asked my permission to invite 2 more people to the meeting ( which means it was already OK) and I had a chance to tell all of them about you and the Work and demonstrated it on them so that they can experience what it is, I told them what you said how people in the company can fill a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet on one another and I found myself talking of the value of the turnarounds and in what fantastic ways they serve us. At he end they said they were very impressed and are interested in moving forward and start by giving me a slot for a 3 and a half hour workshop in a transportation company that they are coaching right now and as they get to know me better more will come.

I was elated and realized I can now also set my own appointments in other places as well and go and present what I know. The driver waited downstairs and took me to work and then at the end of the day came to take me home and I paid him for all this. It was like the universe was saying that if I do what I love the support will come, whether it’s money, love, everything.



Of Two Minds

Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for: one morning, she realized she was having a massive stroke.

As it happened—as she felt her brain functions slip away one by one, speech, movement, understanding— she studied and remembered every moment. Her explanation about how our brains define us and connect us to the world and to one another is amazing.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyyjU8fzEYU&hl=en]

Of course we don’t all have to have a stroke to understand the beauty of things exactly as they are. The four questions and turnarounds are enough. You can end your own your suffering.

After watching this video, I emailed Dr. Jill:

Dear Dr. Jill,

When I saw the video of your wonderful description of your stroke of insight, I recognized your experience immediately. Although I didn’t have a stroke or other physical triggering event, one morning in 1986 I died as a suffering 43-yr-old woman and woke up in a state of joy that has never left me. At first there was only laughter, as a wordless inquiry burned up every concept that I had lived by. I no longer believed my thoughts-or, as you might say it, the output of my left brain lost its hold on me forever.

In time the inquiry took a form that allows me to offer it to others and, when I saw that it’s possible for anyone to live as I do, it became my full-time job to facilitate the process of what I call The Work. I have written about this in several bestselling books, and I would love it if you could visit my website, www.thework.com, where there are videos that show me doing The Work with a variety of people. I’m curious to know your reaction and hope we can meet in person someday.

Loving what is, and that would be you,

Her reply:

Dear Katie, thank you for this kind message.

I love The Work and the message you have given the world. I read Loving What Is a couple of years ago and started giving your book to everyone I knew who needed a shift in perception. I created a Brain/Body/Mind curriculum for Indiana University and your book was on the reading list. That course was before its time at the university and never ran, but I think it will one day in the future.

I really appreciate your reaching out to me. As you can imagine I am receiving over 100 emails a day and trying to keep my head above the flood. All kinds of doors are opening to me. If you have any advice I would love to speak with you. You have been on this wild ride and I value your opinion! I wish you all the best, and I am sure that one day we will stand in the presence of one another and be at one with all that is!

Thank you again for your kindness and the gift you have given our planet.


Byron Katie’s Helpline for The Work

The helpline is for anyone who wants to do The Work right away, by phone or online, with a trained facilitator who has graduated from the School for The Work with Byron Katie.

There is no fee for this service.

Calling Byron Katie’s Helpline:

– Helpline Facilitators respect your wish to remain anonymous if desired.
– You must call the Helpline directly. No collect calls will be accepted.
– You are free to call any one of the listed Facilitators during the hours they are available. Please respect their specified availability and do not call any other time unless you have the Facilitator’s direct permission.
– If all Helpline Facilitators are busy and your phone call goes to voicemail, please leave a message with your phone number. Helpline Facilitators will do their best to respond to your call.
– When you call, be prepared with a completed Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet and/or a One-liner, or a question about doing The Work.
– The length of your call depends on a variety of factors. Our intent is to make ourselves available to as many people as possible, and we love supporting you in this way.
– If you are in immediate danger of harming yourself or others, please call 911 or contact a local mental health organization.

Helpline Facilitator’s Responsibilities

– It is the Facilitator’s responsibility to walk you through The Work, not to give advice or therapy.
– The Helpline Facilitator is present to work with you when your intention is to meet the Four Questions and Turnarounds with honest answers.
– If the Helpline Facilitator feels that The Work is not being done honestly, they will let you know and the session will end.

Learn more about Byron Katie’s Helpline for The Work >>