A Letter from Hunstville, Alabama

I just returned home from the 2-5pm event by Byron Katie in Huntsville, AL.

I wanted to say thank you thank you thank you, Katie. I was the Mom with 3 kids that sat in the second row, my Mom was there too.

You did the Work with all three of my kids, which was just amazing. I am hoping to make the Work a habit for me and for my kids, and I do believe that what you brought out of them in terms of fears and negative thoughts, and how to turn them around… was just what my family needed to hear.

It was a great event, I learned a lot and I’m so thankful that you have made yourself available to so many. My youngest that took a picture with you is just thrilled with you Katie, you made a big impression. The papers that we did the Work on were in the car as we were traveling home, and when my other daughter tried to move them, my youngest (Brenna) wouldn’t let her take them away from her, she really likes the Work! We had to do it on the way home, too.

I know you must get tired of doing this over and over again, I just wanted to thank you for the personal attention we received, and for going all over the world spreading this information. My family will continue to inquire, and I will be passing along the message for others to check out www.thework.com also… thank you!


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