Katieism: “The Work doesn’t help anyone…”

The Work doesn’t help anyone; it’s your answers that help you.

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  1. This is very true. I like the freedom in The Work to find my own answers and accept them – or not – and keep working until I find peace. I also appreciate that The Work is a tool without a specific religious underpinning – that means that as a Christian, I can find where the truth lies, for me, within my faith as well, as part of The Work (using scripture as a basis for some of the turn arounds, for example)

  2. Dear Katie,

    I have just realised how very true this is, when I found another turnaround for me. It happened only a few days ago.

    I was filling in my work sheet about someone I thought should be spending more time with me. I turned it around to myself, to the other, all of it true. And then… it came to me in a flash. I turned it around to God.

    “Hanns should be spending more time with me.” became
    “I should be spending more time with God.”

    Tears began pouring down my cheeks and an instant wave of peace flooded through my whole body. I sat crying and crying spending my time with God.

    After a while I experimented with calling it “the world”, “other beings”, “reality”, “love”, and it was true. But none of it rang so true and made my heart so light and peaceful as turning it around to God.

    I get so excited when I fill out a worksheet now, and feel so full of tears and joy when I do the turnaround to God. Nothing has ever been such a revelation to me.

    It’s as if God was calling me every minute a stressful thought enters my thinking!

    And go to Him, FLYING into his arms, being so grateful that I finally remember again what I really want.

    So thank you, thank you, thank you, Katie, thank you deeply from my heart for remembering me of asking myself for my answers and my deepest truth.

    Love from

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