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Our goal is to get The Work out to everyone in a way which is simple, easy to use, and helpful.

Now anyone can Do The Work anytime, anywhere.

A special thanks to Doron and Shiri of Coaching Interactive for making this happen.


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  1. I’m interested in the work, I’m 40 and have cerebral Palsy. I liked a lot of what I’ve read and saw your “doing the work on the web”. Life with a disability creates a lot of hurdles. People like Katie help by providing the open mindedness to leap those boundries. Unfortunatly a disability sometimes leaves a person with insuffcient resources to get adequate professional counciling. If I can benefit from her wisdom it would be greatly appreciated.



  2. I’m wondering whether the work actually works for me, i’ve read several of your books and seen you doing the work on you tube. Even tried it by myself but i seem to get stuck in thinking making up storys about life. And are they compelling to me.
    My mind keeps me awake a lot and i find it hard to find the energy to actually live my life. I’ts tricky for me since i allways wanted to write and wrote some beautifull poetry that is well liked.
    But when it comes to writing about the realitiy of life i regulary get hung up on negative patterns that hold me back.
    It’s strange that my ability to write can uplift and inspire me aswell as turn into a curse as i get hung up on things wich affects the things i write about.
    So due to the compelling nature of the stories that seem to occupie my mind i question whether the work would help to get a hold of what seems a flood of thoughts that i put into wtorys which i tell to the world,at least on the internet as a release cause otherwise the storys seem to occupie my mind indefenitly. And here i am and i could go on and on telling another tale about how afraid i am that when i do the work i tend to hang on to the usual way of thinking which is to create another tale.
    Leaving me with the notion that something that is a blessing turns into a curse.

    Thanksgreetings from Sneek/Snits

    Boomfriend Ruerd

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