A Letter from Holland

Dear Dear Katie,

How are you? I want to share some things with you:

In the last month there are so many challenges on my path: I “lost” a lot of money because of the credit crisis. It is about ¾ of the money I had, so there is almost no money left. When I replace the concept money with the concept love, and when I do the turnarounds on all the concepts I have about “loosing money,” I feel very creative, alive, strong and free.

Also with my health: Again the doctors probably found some cancer cells in my breast. And when I heard it first I started to cry, but then, that same evening, did The Work, and I experienced a complete other person: loving, strong, caring. Without the cancer story I feel so grateful. Life goes on. Also, at the hospital when they did an examination that same afternoon, I could bear it as I did The Work on “this is my body.” Turning that around I came to “this is not my body,” and wow is that true!? It is none of my business, certainly not when the doctor is doing the examination– I could concentrate and relax with no more stories about terrible treatments.

Thanks to this Work, I can deal with all of these challenges. I can trust that what I need now is what I have. This is what the credit crisis is teaching me and giving me.

Every evening I go to bed with the MP3 player with the Mental Cleanse on it (what a brilliant idea!). I listen to the clarity of The Work and of you, and I fall asleep in peace– peace is what I want in this lifetime, and there is a lot of work to do. I am very happy and starting to get balanced. I am so grateful that I could be a staff member this summer in Bad Neuenahr. I did not speak to you personally then, but I breathed in and out the wonderful, peaceful, clear atmosphere of the School. Everything so well organized, always someone to talk to and to ask a question, always availability. And from me, it just came out of me, without having to do so much. Just gratitude. Being able to experience it.

On my knees, thanking you and me for this gift of life.

Dear Katie, embracing you with love,


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  1. I just recieved a lovely email in response to my post above directing me to read about the Work in Malawi. It answered a lot of my concerns, and so now I am looking at what prompted me to ask about this in the first place.

    I think in part it is me wanting whatever tools we use to get sane to be accessable to all. Also I was imagining the most challenging situation I could think of and wondering how on earth I would get happy with it if I and my children were starving, how questioning my thoughts about that would make the situation ok, even great? So you come across a mother sitting against a hut with her dying children and there is no food. She says she is in trauma because they are dying. How would you then deal with this? Get her to question that thought? How could she get happy with that? How could we if we were her? Arnt there just situations where its not about thoughts but whats happening physically in front of you?

  2. i did see some videos of your work at youtube , it is really very interesting !!! amazing how you conduct people to analyze their thoughts and belief system . I am really enjoying it and it did remember me of Albert Ellis work “Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy” , and yes i did forgot about his work along time ago , and i did loose some of my life not remembering his teaching , so you are helping me to remember his work and to add things . “If I worried about death I wouldn’t enjoy being here.” , his words , why did i lose his teaching ? ho !!! something really beautiful happened to me , here is a resume at http://www.oberf.org/jean_c_ste.htm , and after that i began searching and searching about the afterlife and spirituality and mysticism and i forgot about being in the present , well it is always time the begin to live in the present moment , and your teaching did remember me , so i really appreciate your work , i am downloading all the videos of your work at youtube , because it is really helpfull . Much love . Namaste . By the way , if you come here to brazil , just send me an email .

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