The Center for The Work in Ojai, California


We are happy to announce the opening of the Center for The Work of Byron Katie in Ojai, California. We invite you to watch our events calendar and stay tuned for the events offered in Ojai with Byron Katie, as well as with other fine mentors and teachers from the Institute for The Work.

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  1. Hi Hi
    Wonder if you ever got an answer whether it is possible to drop by……is there staff there? Cafe’, info, weekly gatherings???????
    Kindest Regards

    1. Welcome to Ojai! Thank you for your interest and the church is not available/open for visits at this time. In gratitude, Center for The Work

  2. Wow! I just returned from a 5-day Silent retreat and workshop with the one and only beautiful, wise, funny and amazing spirit that is Byron Katie. Katie, the experience I had during the retreat and witnessing Katie doing The Work, the beautiful Center for Work location, Ojai, CA – all of it was beautiful and perfect! The Center for Work is a wonderful, peaceful setting… bright and calm, inviting and tranquil all at once. Thank you for providing the great experience, and for providing the Center for Work.

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