Stephen’s Translations

Stephen sits in front of my computer translating the squiggles into words.

He translates email almost as well as he does poetry. Neither makes sense to me. What I love is his patience, as he reads it again, slowly, and this time I understand.

I didn’t know I liked poetry until I heard Stephen re-reading my emails.

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  1. Beloved Katie,

    It was such a joy to come to the seminar in London. I came because I love your work and most of all, I came because I love you and with your help, I can see that I love you because I love myself. When you came onto the stage, and cast your wondrous truth seeing eyes upon the audience, I could not contain my joy, love bursts its gorgeous banks and I had to shout out, “We love you, Katie”. Actually the words were inadequate, but they suffice that morning given the situation. I love your books but must confess “A Thousand Names For Joy” is my favourite and I love the timeless wisdom that I can drink in again and again and it always stays fresh and new no matter how many times I read the book. I love it! God Bless You, dearest Katie as you bless us. With Love and Blessings, Ocean

  2. Dear Ms. Katie,
    Thank you for saving my 17 years of marriage with “I need your love its that true?” I read your book in a mountain Inn as I was ready to leave my husband.

    I cried and realized it was all me.

    Just to let you know that we are happy married because I have changed.

    We have only one child and she is 14 years of age. I found myself needing to do The Work in helping me with raising a teen daughter. Can yo write a book about that, why is so different when working with my own child?

    Thanks and God bless you.

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