Letter: “My son shouldn’t play violent video games”

The following is taken from the July edition of the Byron Katie newsletter. Eileen writes because her son’s violent video games are causing her stress. Her words are italicized.

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Please help me with this one: “My son shouldn’t play violent […]

Letter: Worrying About Iran

Dear Katie,

I am stressed about the situation in Iran. My brothers live there. They are out in the streets but we can’t get through to talk to them at all.

I keep thinking they have been shot.

Is it true? No.


I don’t want them to be hurting. […]

Body in Ruins: ” I want my body to liberate itself of the cancer”

In physical pain and at the edge of death from cancer, a singer finds her voice.

Katie: Hi, sweetie! So what’s going on?

Vanessa: Well, body in ruins.

Katie: Body in ruins. Okay. So let’s hear what you’ve written.

Vanessa: I am saddened by my body because it’s giving […]

The School for The Work: An Account by Richard Lawrence Cohen

If you’ve never been to The School for The Work, here’s a first-hand account from the dear, inimitable, Richard Lawrence Cohen.

He describes his personal experience in this, a travel-log of his journey through The Work:

Letter: Marriage Helper

Dear Ms. Katie,

Thank you for saving my 17 years of marriage with I Need Your Love—Is That True?

I read your book in a mountain inn as I was ready to leave my husband. I cried and realized it was all me. Just to let you […]