Letter: “The Work Changed My Life”

Dear Katie,

I do not know if you will get this, but I must thank you for your book Loving What Is. I was left by my girlfriend and baby and alone in Mexico with only hate mail and lawyer papers emailed to me, and no […]

Thanks for Your Support

Here is a letter from a young woman who was falling into despair.

Your generous donations to the Work Foundation allow me to offer her (and so many people like her) scholarships to the School for The Work and Turnaround House, and I am so very […]

The School at The Last Minute

Dearest Family,

We have received many phone calls asking the same question: “Is there still room for me at the School?”

There is always room for you at the School.

I would love to see everyone at the School of You this Friday, early evening. If you want […]

Letter: “Thank You for The Work”