VIDEO: “My son is weird” Is It true?

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  1. Wow! That was a great demonstration of how to do the ~Is it True? step of The Work. Witnessing this video session, shows me how to utilize the Is it True? tool. Thank You for having this available as a fantastic example!

  2. This was so beautiful. I felt that way about my son whose behavior was just the opposite. He was withdrawn and isolated but seemed happy. Here is where the work gets really hard for me. He went to therapy and tried medication for depression and social anxiety. His greatest hope was to go live on campus as a freshman which he did. But still isolated and depressed. I found his diary which spoke of suicidal thoughts, violence towards others and how miserable he was and he ended up in an outpatient program for mood disorders. His therapist and doctors insist he must be on medication or else he may plunge back into depression. He is taking it reluctantly. I worry that if he stops (as he has in the past) he will spiral into that dark place again and I will lose him. Is there ever a time when the work can be used with this situation where I know it’s his business but I just let it go as a mother because I literally fear for his life? Help?

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