Nothing Happens Ahead…

Nothing happens ahead of its time, and what needs to happen always happens.

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  1. Hi Kati
    I don’t know if there was something more than that image”nothing happens ahead….”
    At least I didn’t see anything more….anyway my question is who says this statement and if it is a true statement what makes something “a need to be happened ” so that it happens finally?
    thank you in advance for your consideration and thanks for the great website

  2. Having been through ‘the wringer’ a few times, I’ve the benefit of hindsight now. This is an excellent saying that becomes clear and concrete in the rearview mirror.

  3. I suffer from panic disorder and obsessional thinking – mostly about the future – its a biological/psychological illness – ive tried so many therapies over the last 20 yrs….i use to fly all over the world and now leaving my house causes me extreme anxiety…..i lose consciouness during major attacks(have landed in ER with concussions) – its very disabling and all the fainting has caused PTSD…..not sure I can ever get over my “functional” agoraphobia which leaves me cripped and depressed….and mostly ashamed.

  4. Lost my spouse of 18 years we grew more in love with each other with every day. I ache for her and miss her every moment. I do not know how to move forward when all I want to do is be with her and love her. I feel hollow; people encourage me to move forward – can you tell me exactly where forward is. Lost my health- lost my job- lost my wife- another wonderful being whom was my best friend died a week later. Facing loosing house. I cry over the losses knowing fully well I have been given exactly what I need. I must trust in this or I’ll just loose it.

    1. Dear friend, now more than ever you need to care for yourself. Go to a support group, be it spiritual or psychological. But these experiences are not to be taken lightly or to toy with them. You need to realize that help is near and you need to reach it. The Holy Light be with you…

  5. I have tried every which way to slice this, I have been told , “there are lessons”, whatever happens is for the greater good” and even the quote above “Nothing Happens Ahead of its Time, and What Needs to Happen Always Happens”, while they all sound very nice in theory, but when you lose a child, they just don’t fit. There is no order when a child dies, what dies is your hopes, dreams, you die internally, externally, spiritually, until you become nothing less than a shell wanting to follow them. Many writings are written broadly but when it involves the death of a child or any loved one, these words don’t bring comfort, they leave you feeling even lower as you cannot measure up to what they suggest. To any writer or speaker my questions though understanding this is a broad meaning quote “Have you lost a precious, irreplaceable child? This is why I know I will write about grief, because until you reside with it, you cannot know, From the heart, Andrea

  6. I have a pattern of obsessive overthinking, indecisiveness and that ultimately leads to making panicked, impulsive decisions followed by shameful regret and self-hatred.

    Seriously.. i can’t believe that this pattern needs to continue.

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