The School for The Work

The School for The Work
Sunday–Tuesday, 28 September–7 October 2014
Ojai, California

Join us for the ultimate inner adventure. Spend nine days losing the fear-based stories you’ve innocently clung to all your life. At the School you’ll discover that your stories are everyone’s, and everyone’s stories are yours. You’ll be supported so you can be completely yourself without fear of judgment, perhaps for the first time in your life.

The School curriculum is a living, evolving process, changing with the needs of the participants and on the basis of past students’ experiences. The exercises and activities are designed to mirror the transformation Katie went through after her experience of waking up to reality in 1986. She is present with you from morning to night, directing every exercise, answering your questions, and commenting on your feedback. You will be supported in issues such as men and women, relationships, children and parents, body image, God, death and dying, addiction, money, and work.

The School for The Work is an immersion in self-inquiry. Each day during the School you may find yourself feeling freer and happier than the day before. Old habits may fall away like outworn clothes. You may find yourself eager to get up in the morning so that you won’t miss a moment of this unfolding adventure with your own mind.

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  1. I live in Australia and have been reading and watching Byron on the internet for about 1 year. I would like to do a course with her. What do you suggest for someone starting out. I would like it to be at least one week in duration given I will be travelling from Australia. Could you tell me dates and costs if you can.

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