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On Love, Sex and Relationships


“When you don’t love the other person, it hurts, because love is your very self. And you can’t make yourself do it! You can’t make yourself love someone. But when you come to love yourself, you automatically love the other person. You can’t not. Just as you can’t make yourself love us, you can’t make yourself not love us. It’s all your projection.” -Byron Katie

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  1. I don’t care about others…
    I’ve already waisted years taking care of others and their feelings.
    Self sacrificing…
    Forgetting about me, being told that we ourselves are not important.
    Even starting to resent others for claiming me, taking me for granted…
    F…. That!

    I want to love myself!
    If the consequence leads me to love others, then that’s just a bonus.
    (I know it does 😉

    1. Max then start right now …. who else but you is worthy of such love. Others will only treat you how you allow them to. If you do not want care for someone then don’t as that is just being a martyr. Or expecting something in return for your giving is just ego, it must come from love alone.

  2. Dear Katie

    I am so confused . I love my partner very much but my sex needs are much more bigger than his. I am very open to sex , I would like to do it 2-3 times a week. For him once a month is enough. He claimes that he loves me but does not need so much sex. I do not know how to create the sentence for The Work.If I write- I need more sex with Miki , the opposite is – I do not need this- but I do not feel it is true because when i am with him all my body tells me that I need him- it is so frustrating.
    I do not understand this.The only solution is to leave him or masturbate more :-)?( I am joking :-)) But on the other hand I should acept him as he is. Or I should have sex with somebody else?But I love Him. I do not understand all that situation and I do not know what to do.
    Please give me some light and your wisdom about that.
    I am so happy I found you.I think it is something great you give us but it is so difficult for the confused person as I am. But for the first time in my life i feel that it is something realy TRUE
    with love Beata

    1. Hey-Beata,









  3. Dear Byron Katie,

    I have been continuing to be sexually involved with a man for the last nine months who is cheating on his girlfriend with me. He won’t date me, but he will hook up with me. I’m tired of being this and wish he liked me, but he obviously in a man who wouldn’t be healthy for me to be in a relationship with. Im afraid to leave him be though, why do I allow these types of men into my life who don’t treat me well? How do I change it?

  4. Because,—when-it’s-okay-for-me-it’s-okay-for-you





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