Unwrap Your Thoughts, Day 9—End of Prejudice

The ninth gift for you during “Unwrap Your Thoughts. 12 days in presents (oops, presence).

Do you have judgments that you still believe? Please share one from your unWorked list in the comments below.


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  1. i have a judgement against people who say one thing and do another. i judge them as not caring enough about me to keep their word.

    thanks katie for these 12 days, just found out about it today! 🙂 will look at each one.

    xo. c

  2. Wow. Thank you Katie. This is so powerful. I can’t even begin to list the judgements I still believe, but with this pointer I’m on my way to freedom. Thank you so much!

  3. Judgement of self took years to install. It will take time to uninstall, but getting to know oneself is part of the process that makes it a thing of beauty. In the non-judgement is when one’s see this beauty within.

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