Thought Thursday

On Work and Money

The job you do out there in the apparent world is secondary. It’s only a place for you to judge, inquire, and know yourself. Your true job is to appreciate what is; your primary profession is to be clear.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I have just started my work after the holydays and it is so true what you say. In the evening I do the work , only same time but it helps reflecting the day
    Kati from Germany, greetings to my Darling Katie

  2. When I started doing the work on my partners with my company and the problems I had with them I was left with the appreciation that I make good money to have them in my life teaching me.

    One day after doing the work on a particularly troubling issue, I was filled with such joy and thankfulness afterwards or my “difficult” partner. I could not Have imagine ever feeling that way.

    I came to see both of them as great gifts, and before I questioned my thoughts about them I didn’t realize how perfect they were as partners. Where I once was offended that they didn’t speak much to me, I was not happy that they left me alone to create.

    Where I once thought they didn’t care about me I now saw how much they cared and when I didn’t fear them I could live freely with them and experience that care they have for me. Thank you.

  3. Clarity has always been a passion of mine since I was very young, and many times an addiction. I sought release from my chaotic mind. I never used vices, but clarity and release were my fix. I’ve learned to let go of my addiction to clarity and release, and I notice that I do the work with less ” desperate need”. There is nothing to fix. So, my primary profession is to be clear, yes, I’ve held to that for most of my life. The work has made my profession easier, and deeper. Now the outer apparent world, a job would be good to feed me and pay the bills, or not.

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