Thought Thursday

On Parents and Children

“My parents are responsible for my belief systems and my problems”—is it true? No, I’m the one who’s responsible. Knowing this gives us what we always wanted: absolute control. And with this technology of going inside, it’s the end of suffering, if we want to be free. -Byron Katie

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  1. I suffered for year wishing I had a different childhood experience. I suffered trying to gain my parents approval as an adult. When I accepted responsibility for my own happiness I was able to see my parents with great clarity. I felt empathy and compassion for the way they were experiencing life. Everything became easy, light, and magical in my life.

  2. Leuk kort stukkie…
    Absolute control…
    Zo voelt het inderdaad als ik mezelf weer eens geanalyseerd heb.
    Machtig gevoel,
    alleen al in het anders denken
    & anders handelen volgt meteen…
    Mind to matter…

    Nice short piece…
    Absolute control…
    Indeed, that’s how it feels after I analyzed myself again.
    À mighty feeling,
    already by simply thinking differently
    & different actions follow in a heart beat…
    Mind to matter…

  3. Sometimes, if it is still to difficult for me to do the
    work about my parents I start with other
    People who are making me angry
    and then the relationship with my parents
    is also improving.

  4. I recently heard that beliefs are vibrational patterns. That is, that humans “read” patterns of vibration
    that become imprinted, so to speak, in our mentalities by recognition and repetition. This seems to
    speak to the attraction that remains in people’s minds regarding familiar forms of thought we “picked
    up” along our lives here on earth. Is that what you mean as well? It seems inevitable, does it not?

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