Testimonial Tuesday

From Instagram:

“Someone posted about this book (Loving What Is) on social media a while back. Thank you to whomever it was, I’ve recommended it to 3 friends. Enjoy!”


” This book (Loving What Is) means so much to me! It changed my path.”


“The Universe has pointed me in your direction recently and your work has blown me away, shattered my ego, and now beginning to open my heart, thank you, I am grateful for your amazing mind.”


“My partner and I just got done doing The Work for kids with my 8 year old. There is a kid in his class he has been having trouble with. This is really helping!”

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1 comment

  1. thank you for making these resources free and available. lots of changes at a time when i believe my thoughts so much i don’t even recognize myself anymore. marry a man for 26 years from a foreign land and live for 21 years in a foreign land. now come home and be me again..who’s is that!? thank you. i’m finding her.

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