Thought Thursday

On Health, Sickness, and Death

“It’s our beliefs about death that scare us to death” – Byron Katie

What are your thoughts?

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  1. “It’s our fear of death that scares us to suffer”. After years of watching my Dad suffer with the fear that death was going to be painful… and that perhaps there were things in his life that would keep him “out of heaven”, I began reading on the subject of death. The results: The body is wonderfully created to release a cascade of hormones that take the pain out of the dying process and curiously enough it is more the mind fighting the thoughts of death that create all the suffering leading up to death. According to Kubler-Ross, the common experience is when the mind finally stops fighting the body goes into a peaceful state and often there is amazing clairity in the eyes. It’s turned out to be a wonderful gift Dad has offered me in his suffering… that I would do the research that ultimately hasn’t helped his fear, but released me from mine. Without his suffering, I’d likely never given it a thought, and thus suffered from my own fear of death. It seems now that it would be merciful if the fear of death were actually scare us to death…

  2. *Doing ‘The Work’ on a belief/statement in ‘Loving What Is’ (2002/2003) page 164.

    BK says on this page: ‘Here are some examples of the kind of statements you may find yourself working with: ….There is life after death…’

    This statement, is presented as a stressful belief on which to do work. However this in itself, triggered stress – the belief that the turn around (‘There is no life after death’) is supposed to be as true or truer?

    ‘The Work’ on a statement about death, by BK in ‘Loving What Is’:

    There is no life after death?
    *Is that true?
    **Can you absolutely know that it’s true – that there is ‘NO’ life after death? – No.

    ***How do you react/respond when you believe the thought ‘there is no life after death?’ – Distressed, terrified, anxious.

    ****Who would you be, without the thought ‘there is NO life after death’? Free – fearless, invincible, eternal.

    Turn it around?

    There IS life after death.
    There is NO death.
    Life has no opposite

    Examples of why these turn arounds are as true, or truer?

    -Eckart Tolle has categorically stated that Life has no opposite.
    – Jesus Christ proved this in his death and resurrection; just because Churches have erred in focusing on the crucifixion/suffering story instead of the resurrection reality, doesn’t mean we all have to believe it

    – countless thousands around the world, have reported death and returning back to their body to tell the tale. This phenomena (referred to commonly as a ‘near death experience’) is now the subject of scientific study by various independent institutes globally. Whilst orthodox conservative scientists claim it is merely a trick in the brain – various accounts which scientists/doctors cannot explain (such as Anita Moorjani, one of the most famous accounts which has made international media headlines over the past decade) are now emerging increasingly.

    Many other examples of synchronicities and occurrences that just cannot be explained rationally, as mere coincidences or chaotic chance.

    So – doing a Worksheet on a statement about death in BK’s own book, the truth emerges – for this participant, that there IS life after death.

    Why is this as true or truer?

    Because the only thing that dies is the EGO; our identification with a body/our name, our gender, sexual orientation, our race, our relationships, our education, job, status, religion, etc etc – It is THIS (ego identification) which dies – but who we really are – our True One Self, pure Consciousness – our Soul – Life itself – does not die, and cannot die.

    “There is no life after death”?

    -Turn it around.

    *There IS life after death;there IS NO death.

  3. I’ve written extensively about death on my own blog. I feel as though the metaphysics of death is a largely unexplored area that, if properly investigated, can reveal some useful truths about the nature of death.

    I will always stand by this quote: “Death is as healthy and natural as birth”.

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