Thought Thursday: On Love, Sex and Relationships

On Love, Sex and Relationships

I am always what I judge you to be in the moment. There’s no exception. I am my own pain. I am my own happiness. —Byron Katie


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  1. I have no idea what to do. I love my husband but we don not have a sexual relationship. He has not made love with me in 23 years. Because I love him I have accepted this for a long time. He says he has no sexual drive. He is very intellectual. But now I have fallen in love with someone else. I feel completely torn between the two, everything is a mess and I cannot make a decision between the two of them. Can you help me at all?
    Thank you

  2. It seems to be me like your decision is already made….. your first husband had become your treasured friend but your LOVE life is ready to move on to the next level…… follow your heart…… you know the answer before you asked the question

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