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Can you see your reflection?

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  1. Dear Byron Katie: I have a funny story about Loving What Is. It had such a profound effect on me, I sent several copies to friends. I told myself I was sending it in love, without any desire to see my friends change in any way. Later I learned this was a lie. I sent it to a friend that made snide comments. (Snide comments according to me.) She loved the book and continued to make snide comments. I sent it to someone that never reciprocates. (Never reciprocates according to me.) He continued to not reciprocate. I never heard from him again. I gave it to someone that seemed to Hate What Is, be unhappy, and tell others what to do. She underlined sentences in every chapter of the book and came to my house to teach me how to Love What Is, telling me how she hated me just as much as everyone else.

    I am sending this because it amused me. My reactions amused me more. As I’m writing this, I’m telling myself that it doesn’t matter if Byron Katie responds or even sees this, but this might be another good lie. I will probably find out later that I was hoping she would laugh, find me charming, and tell me something so profound all my work would be over. But I suspect the work will never be over until I lay down and die. (I look forward to it!)

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