Video: How Can I Ever Forgive Myself?

Shamyla tells Byron Katie that The Work has led to a deep forgiveness of others but not of herself.

As Katie takes her back to an incident that has caused the pain, Shamyla finds that the evidence of her misdeed is shaky at best. “To hold its identity,” Katie says, “the ego has to hold on to the illusions that keep us hooked until our deathbed. Inquiry shows us a whole different world that we have no access to when we are believing our stressful thoughts.”



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  1. My cat died last week of kidney failure…or more precisely i had to ask the vet to kill her. I knew that she was not well lately and still i had to go on holidays leaving her with a friend. When i was on holidays she collapsed. I interrupted my holidays to come home earlier only to find her in agony. She waited for me.

    I find the evidence of my guilt convincing. I tried the one belief at the time worksheet several times and cannot come to another conclusion. I had the responsibility for her and left her alone when she needed me most.

    I cannot forgive myself for abandoning my beloved cat.

    1. Hey Alex,

      I just read your story, thank you for the share. What a dreadful situation, I’m so sorry for your loss, and the struggle. Are you there to come tell us how things came around? How do you feel now?


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