When they criticize…

When they criticize you and you notice that you love them with all you heart, your work is done.

Do you love them yet?


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  1. I see how horrible of a person I am in how I have treated others. I am unkind, judgmental, condescending, and the worst kind of friend anyone could have. I see no point in continuing this life. All my inquiring has obviously not been in pursuit of the truth or done from a genuine heart space.

      1. Don’t be, judging yourself so hard, Hun. You’ve made mistakes, ya well… The trick is to look at them, smile and try to make it better in the future. Gone is gone, nothing will change that. Take it as a lesson God sent you to give you something to grow with. Look in the mirror, laugh and smile, hug yourself and tell yourself all will be well… With love from Norway,
        Susanne… who most certainly was/sometimes still is quite a b..tch herself xoxoxo

  2. Dear Tawnya,
    I also behave unkind, judgmental… and it makes me feel that I am a bad person. But The Work gives me great hope because it has helped me a lot to understand the thoughts and feelings I act on. It is helping me out of much trouble…Keep on ‘Working’ 🙂
    God is merciful and many people are too, I am also surprised that I have friends!!
    Love from Madrid, Spain
    María R

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