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Baseball T-Shirt, Inquiry is my Work outbaseball-t

Is inquiry your favorite workout? This baseball inspired T has 3/4 contrast sleeves and is made from Eco Jersey for the ultimate in sustainable comfort. With a slight shirttail hemline, this T features marrow stitching detail.


Muffins, Ritalin, and JuiceSFTW_DVD_Muffin2015

A young woman tearfully blames her mother for numbing her on Ritalin for twelve years and asks Byron Katie to fix her. Beliefs fall away as they question thoughts like “She made me feel like I did something wrong,” “I need mom to give me my list time back.” Eventually, laughter replaces tears as she realizes that “No one can fix me!” “Reality is always what you’re looking for,” Katie says. ” It’s consistent, and it’s kind.”

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  1. If you are a diabetic you do not go anywhere without your insulin. I do not go anywhere without my four questions and three turn arounds because I do not want to suffer. Because it is all about me.


  2. My pain is not about what others have done or do to me, my pain is about me and what I have done and do, to me. I have read the caution early in the book of doing The Work on myself that it not be about me, and despite that I come to dead-ends because I do not blame others and have great difficulty turning my problems around to me when they do start with me.
    Would your workshop be advisable, or perhaps another of your books?

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