Thought Thursday: Reality

On Self-Realization

If you want reality to be different than it is, you might as well try to teach a cat to bark. You can try and try, and in the end that cat will look up at you and say, “meow.”  Wanting reality to be different than it is, is hopeless. You can spend the rest of your life trying to teach a cat to bark.   —Byron Katie.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Wow..Short and profound TRUTH..!
    Will we be ever so conscious to STOP the FIGHT with WHAT IS or REALITY or LIFE..?
    What would it take for me to just RELAX into my Body and Reality Here and Now..?
    Quiet Mind….Open Heart…..Relaxed Being!!!!

  2. I think re-directing the energy is the answer. Just like when my 9 month old is laser focused on putting his red square in the triangle spot of his shapes toy. He starts to get frustrated that he can’t make it do what he wants. He begins to fuss and cry “Ma Ma Ma”. And, so I hand him his rattle with the black and white spinning wheel and his energy is re-directed to an activity that is much more fulfilling. Putting energy into something that is never going to happen feels defeating. But, putting energy into something that gives back … that feels nice.

  3. That makes sense..Thanks Jayleen..
    So what we do is unconsciously and hopelessly putting our energy into something that doesn’t work..????
    Isn’t it insanity that we just keep on DOING what we’re Doing..?

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