Mother’s Love

Byron Katie on Parents and Children

The bottom line is that your mother does love you—there’s nothing she can do about that. Just don’t expect her to be aware of it. Your mother loves you so much that she would withhold love so you can get this thing, this self-loving thing. You can’t love her until you do that. If I hate me, I hate my mother. If I love me, I love my mother. It’s that simple.

What are your thoughts?

Judge-Your-Neighbor workhseet.

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  1. I am feeling totally devastated by the abuse my mother shouted at me. One of them being that she prefers my sister over me. As she was shouting I felt as if I was been unrooted. It’s very hard to love her right now and I feel cut off from her. It’s so so hard to know right now that my mother loves me, I am not feeling her love right now. I have done a worksheet on this and can’t get very far with it.
    What happens in situations when the mother totally looses her mind to abuse?

  2. Does anyone know when the next live webcast “Conversations with Byron Katie” is scheduled? I can’t find the event calendar for it. Katie, please schedule one for January!

  3. This thought Thursday is so true. I can absolutely know it’s true. As a child, my mother was abusive, similar to what Alba describes above, and with rage full beatings as well. My father would withdraw and ignore the abuse like it wasn’t happening. He was fundamentally religious and seemed only to care about scriptures and doctrine.

    Oh I was so angry and upset at this treatment as a child that I remember being very young and wishing my mother dead. Now I realize everything they did was out of love. I love that they only knew how to express their powerful love in that extreme way. Clueless, ignorant, loud, abusive love, which I accept unconditionally, as I love myself.

    If they had not loved me in the extreme unreasonable way they did, I would not have known to leave the fundamentalist religion they are still in. I would have stayed in, lured by reasonableness and care. I am the type of personality that needs clear loud evidence in order to believe something, like to believe that lifestyle isn’t for me. They gave me exactly that. If that isn’t love, what is?

    Today I am a free woman, happy, independent, educated. I see other people I grew up with who were treated ‘better’ and they are (in my eyes) trapped in a religious world that seems stifling, limiting, and controlling.

    Thank you mom and dad, for loving me exactly as you did.

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