Thought Thursday: Who is Your Advice For?

On Love, Sex and Relationships

All the advice you ever gave your partner is for you to hear – Byron Katie

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Wow. I needed to hear this. Last night I complained to my significant other that she should be more present for our relationship, sit with me for a minute after she gets off work to re-connect, be more interested in sex. I expressed feeling stifled because I want to love with abandon and freely, but her rejection of me is causing me to withdrawl.

    Needless to say the turn arounds were actually more true. I should be more present for her. I am actually rejecting her by wanting her to be different. She should turn me down sexually if she isn’t in the mood…because that’s what she did. I am making myself unhappy and causing withdrawl, not her.

    I am happy to have read this post today. Thanks.

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