What Children Hear

On Parents and Children

Here’s how a child listens: you tell him something, and he puts his own interpretation on what you said. That’s what he hears. No one has ever heard you.  —Byron Katie

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Why the !@#$ can’t you at least listen? What? You have a goddamned closed mind? Then you know where you can go. Maybe Byron has some good ideas. Why not try it (Sounds like mindfulness). Like, How could a man like Thich Nhat Han be the way he was when all around him his country was being massacred?

  2. This is why other people really are just a reflection of our inner selves. We really can’t hear others. We can only hear our own interpretation. So when we ‘hear’ someone else speak, we are really hearing ourselves.

    I love listening to the me in everyone, in my partner, in my friends, and especially in my enemies. I hear so much of my truth in what is said to me by those whom I think harbor ill will toward me. That I can interpret their words as containing ill will puts me in tune with the illness that is mine.

    When I can hear their words as harmless, or better, as soft and loving, that is when I know the illness within me is resolved

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