Video: He Lied To Me

A man investigates his grievances about the lies a friend has been telling him and in doing so, he makes an astonishing discovery. He sees that all his wounds are self-inflicted, all his suffering is caused by his own unexamined thoughts. Inquiry provides him with the integrity and kindness he was demanding from his friend. “Give me a world of liars,” Katie says, “if that’s the way to my own peace.”

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  1. Katie,

    I have been in this position with my mother – I was adopted and felt a strong sense of betrayal when I was told at 15 which was accompanied with a threat. I did have compassion for her and thought if she knew what she was doing she wouldn’dt do it. Unfortunately this led me to deny myself and what was important to me in favour of her because of loyalty and a misplaced sense of gratitude. Yes I was grateful i had not been put in a home which is how the loyalty arose, but ~I also saw it as debt I had to repay. I never spoke up and now `I know that not speaking up and running away from confrontation because I was afraid of the consequences is not the way to go By speaking up I don’t mean I want to blame anyone, but a seperation between me and my father occurred because I was told it would kill him if he knew I knew and I did not want to risk that, and also our relationship would have been on a different level and I think I was afraid of that. I do think that gratitude and accepting other peoples behaviour is not always for the best as it seems like I am giving my powere away to other people.

    Thanks for the videos

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