Do You Know Why Your Dog is Happier Than You?


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  1. The dog is also aware of the person next to it, in the same way it is aware of the sun and trees. The dog senses emotions of its ‘master’ and other people, but again – it notices these perceptions in the same way it notices perceptions of sun and trees.

  2. Thursday, 9 June 2016 at 1:00 pm
    The dog, unlike humans, follows it’s instincts instead of following unchallenged thoughts as we humans do. All animals are a perfect example of having clarity which we humans should emulate. They are not cursed with the madness of exaggerated ( up to 90% according to Buddhism) thought.

  3. But dogs also seem to be unhappy here and there, they seem to miss their pack when it’s gone. They even act depressed and seem to loose life spirit when their loved ones leave them. I therefore often feel very guilty when I have to leave my dog behind. I just down manage to get the grip on this with the work. Any suggestions ? I’d love some help here. X

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