There’s Nothing More…

There’s nothing more exciting than peace.

Byron Katie

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  1. Thank you Katie, your current blog ties in with my reflections on peace. Is there some way my response to the women who want peace could be sent to them? Please respond. Sydelle

  2. I read your article on death and dying. I don’t believe in an afterlife nor in a heaven or hell a religious concept put forward by man to control the masses.
    However after losing two daughters I had an avid dream that I never forgot.Unlike most times dreams that are forgotten when one wakes up.
    At 86 years old when my time comes this is what I believe;
    The World of “Is”? (Fact or Fiction)
    It has often been questioned? “Which is the real the world? When we are awake? Or the world of our dreams?”
    I don’t dream very often and rarely remember a dream after awakening .So the fact that this dream I still remember, a long time after it happened, is curious in of itself.
    I remember back to a long running television series, created and narrated by Rod Serling called the ‘Twilight Zone” the premise of which was, the question of the possibility of living in another dimension of time, beyond our own. He related stories of strange outcomes to real life stories and left the acceptance of them to the viewer’s imagination.
    So I to will relate my dream and in the words of Robert Ripley, you may “ Believe it or Not’”
    Occasionally I will dream of my two late daughters Terry and Lisa but never in the same dream until now. Neither had I ever been aware that during a dream, I knew they had passed on.
    “ The setting of this dream was an office where I was employed and was trying to resolve some vexing problem when Terry appeared. As we walked around the office discussing the problem I asked her if the workers in the office could see her or would they think I was talking to myself. She said they could see her but were not privy to our conversation.
    I asked her how she came to be there.
    She said she came from a place that that was beyond my comprehension and operated differently from the laws of my world.
    This place was not “Heaven or Hell” as we made it out to be. That Human law had no place in its operation.
    When people died their spirit left our earthly world. Transported to a place I have named the World of “Is”. The reason for that being made clearer at the end of my story.
    These spirits existed not as physical beings as we do but more in the realm of a video form that we could see and hear.
    When a spirit left it’s human form all of the history of that person was deleted so that in the World of “Is” all spirits were equal and only had the capability of dealing with what “is” because that spirit had no knowledge of it’s past conduct of it’s human form, good or bad.
    A spirit could appear at any time to anyone they had ever know, with permission of a source that was not defined in my dream. An since their image was only visual they could be in multiple places at the same time.
    In my dream some of the concerns addressed a problem with an umbrella. While looking out the window a very high speed single car bullet shaped train hung from a cable stopped briefly and then sped off.
    Opening the door ,there on the ground ,laid the umbrella in question. When I asked Terry what was going on she said. “That was Lisa ‘s spirit delivering the umbrella”. When I asked,”why Lisa didn’t appear to me “ she said,” Permission hadn’t been given for a visit “.
    At that point the dream dissolved and I awoke.
    The only conclusion I have drawn that in another dimension, beyond human understanding exist the spirits of Family and Friends who can come to us to provide some understanding of our problems when allowed. However since they possess no memory of the past other than their human relationship with us, which has ended with their passing.,. They can only assist in what “Is” at the moment.
    So in the World of “Is”. Everyone is equal.
    Real or Fiction? That is for the reader to decide.

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